1999 DODGE RAM 2500 SRW/DRW V1.0

1999 DODGE RAM 2500 SRW

-Engine Setups
– Stock, Full Send Diesel Tune, Full Send Diesel Turbo, Or Drag Tune
– Wheel Setup
– 27 Wheel Options (Yes 27 IM A CRAZY MODDUH)
– Brow/Topper – Yes/No (These might be JD’s, claimed i bought them on capone)
-Beds – SRW, DRW, Bradford Flatbed, CM Flatbed
-Rear Bumpers – None (For flatbed) Stock, Stock Chevy, Stock 4th gen, Roll pan, Ranch hand
-Grills – SLT, Sport, Billet Grill, Laramie Mesh, Custom
-Bumpers – Stock, Stock W Fairy Lights, Sport, 4th gen, 4th gen W fairy lights, 5th gen, 5th gen W fairy lights, Ranch hand, Brush Guard, Custom Bumper, Iron Cross
-Exhaust – Stock, Stock With tip, Axle Dump, Hood Stack, Dual Hood stack, Cat Stack, FFS Stack, TSO Stack, Shotgun Stack, Bull Hauler Stack, Barrell Stack, Dual
-Curved Stack
-Mirrors – Stock, Stock Sport, West coast, 4th gen down, 4th gen up
-Attachers – Plow, Drop Hitch, SEMA Hitch
-Fuel Filters – CAT Filter, Air Dog -Badges – 2500 Badge, 3500 Badge
-Cab Lights – None, Orange, White, Roof LED Bar
-Hood – Stock, Cowl -Steps – None, Stock, New steps, Old Man Steps
-Wheel Lights – No/Yes
-Headlights – Stock, Custom, Amazon (JD’s As well, even though i bought them from capone)
-Window Stickers – None, Trump Train, MapleWoodModding (slighty worse), Both
-CB/Plow Controller– CB Radio, Plow Controller, Both -JBL/Little Trees – American Flag Little Trees, Backseat JBL Speaker, Both,
-Handle Lights/ Visor – Handle Lights, Visor, Both -3rd Brake – Stock, Custom
-Addon Lights – None, Orange, White -Antennas – Stock Antenna, Bullet Antenna, No Antenna
-Speaker Bar – Yes/No -Flags – None, American
-Mud Flaps – Yes/No -All Lights are functional
-Fully working Spedometer -2 Options of highly detailed lifts
-Overall Extremely Detailed, the file is a whopping 650mb


MapleWoodModding, And Anyone Else Whose Parts I Put on Dis Joint!

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File File size
zip MPWM_1999_Dodge_2500 654 MB

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1 month ago

The sema duals left front wheel backwards

Kaleb Mousty
Kaleb Mousty
1 month ago

Absolutely love this mod!!
but you need to fix it to where you can hook up a goose neck trailer an a bumper pull trailer the hitch on the bumper needs to be shorter an the the goose neck wont even go into the bed , an the front tires need to be fixed they are not connected to the hub asembley! but other than that its a great mod:]

2 months ago

I absolutely love this mod! its my favorite. the sounds are amazing

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