The VehicleInspector is designed to give you a quick overview of your vehicles. What are they doing/what do they have loaded/which ones are active etc. etc.
In multiplayer and singleplayer play.
This is a Simple Convert version from my VehicleInspector LS19 so the wait won’t be too long for you.
!!! Not everything works and not everything is enabled !!
!!! You can use the vehicleInspectorSettings.xml from the LS19 !!
This Convert version will not be developed further. You will have to wait for the new LS 22 VehicleInspector 1.7x.
Player names are no longer displayed, so you can still see if another player is currently in the vehicle, please go to the ….xml and change this value to
<seePlayerName boolean=”false”/>


–implements Simple Vehicle GroupManager SP/MP (load over GroupsProfile) *GUI Menue GroupManagerSettings*
**Vehicle can Group 1 and 2 and 3 etc. (multiple)
–implements Slot Cmd for MultiOverlayV4 Mod – Vehicle Groups
–diverse Bugfixes

–implements Vehicle Warning text (*needs Text Ticker On*) (*needs a Warning On*)
–implements Text Ticker On/Off + vehicle sayings (only German) On/Off (Other Setting)
–implements view FillLimit On/Off (by VehicleFruitHud)
–update new Gui Menue Version – fix global load xml playerFrozen Off (GUI Menue)
–update new HL Script Version
–fix Helfer JobEnd Info On and view JobTypeText Off (fix not see Vehicle)

–fix …viTotalStateConfig.lua:36: attempt to call method ‘defaultValues’ (a nil value) *MOH Profile Switch*
–fix load xml viewVehicle/category…all
–implements check storeitem overlay other mods lua errors (Hof Bergmann 1.2)

–implements Slot Cmd for MultiOverlayV4 Mod – View Vehicle Statistic/ALL
–new optional Player Frozen On/Off *Default On* (own GUI Menue Setting !NOT VI Setting!) (Global for all my Mods)
–implements own Info Text Display
–delete old value ….xml –> isTrain –> use categoryTrain
–implements Setting Line 2x new Icons (notFillLevel/notAttached On/Off)
–fix logic value view notAttached Vehicles
–fix optic – MP Server Upload Info png ….(no effect on the game)

–implement Setting Line 3x new Icons(leasing,gps is found,parking is found)
–new view GPS Icon/Text (optional On/Off… in Gui Menue *see Txt*) default On *needs GPS Mod*
!!!!! needs AD Version >= !!!!!
–new view Helper RemainingTime CP/AD (optional State On/Off … in Gui Menue *see Txt*) default Off (user wunsch) !ATTENTION PERFORMENCE!
! set AD RemainingTimer over AD Setting Menue ! >>>>>>THX AD Team, for VI Support<<<<<< + 2 Cmd and 2 Color Icons for MultiOverlayHud (Cmd Group VehicleInspector-Others) view Hidden .... On/Off (not set AD/CP State, set only Visible On/Off) + optional TextColor (...XML ...color.remainingString) + optional Separator 00:00 (...XML.. text.remainingTimeSeparator) --new view Helper RemainingTime Waypoints CP/AD (optional State On/Off in Gui Menue *see Txt*) default Off (user wunsch) !AD Waypoints MP not active! + optional Text Waypoints |21w (...XML.. text.remainingWaypoints/remainingTimeWaypointsSeparator) !!!!! needs AD Version >= !!!!!
–new Vehicle Blinking is Helper Job End (optional 0=Off or 1-60 sec in Gui Menue *see Warnings*) default 20sec (user wunsch)
–new Setting Line Icons and CS (SortCategory) for isLeasing,isGps,isParking Vehicles
–fix Setting Line train/car Icon On/Off
–fix Leasing Icon for IconDisplay (overlap with Controlled Name)
–fix isParking Icon for IconDisplay (was not visible) *needs view Vehicle isParking true*
–fix MP Bug Error …../Motorized.lua(2240) : attempt to index field ‘consumersByFillType’ (a nil value) *to buy new Vehicle*
–fix XML Load setMasterOrder/setOrderVehicle/setOrderFillLevelInformation
–fix/New Widescreen IconDisplay – set optional correction Value (…XML…otherValues.iconWidescreenFix) default 0 *for 34 Zoll set 0.300 and testing or…*
–fix/New Widescreen Gui Menue – set optional correction Value (modsSettings/hlGuiMenue.xml …iconWidescreenFix) default 0 *for 34 Zoll set 0.300 and testing or…*

Version 1.95 Beta
–fix viSetGet.lua: 582: attempt to call method ‘getAIRootNode’ (New AutoDrive Version)

Version 1.94 Beta
–fix Damage and Fuel Percent (XML save) Thx for Bug Report
–fix “Running LUA method ‘update’. dataS/scripts/I18N.lua(530)” with Patch 1.71 -Bale Pressen(is Setting On and Player onFoot Infos)

Version 1.93 Beta
–fix Vehicle Farm Fake Id
–fix AD Helpername and IconDisplay (viOutput.lua:580: attempt to index local ‘currentHelper’ (a nil value))

Version 1.92 Beta
– AD Helper fix
– fix for “Precision Farming DLC”

Version 1.91 Beta
–fix overlap display and “Precision Farming DLC”
–fix Lua Error UnloadSide Text by Autoloader Script (old versions)
–stop Lua Error “MAN TGX Hacke” Mod ?

– view Unloadside Support for Autoloader Script by Achimobil (needs GuiMenue view Vehicle Trailer UnloadSide On)
– fix Horse Ridding and BlackScreen
– fix view FillLevel *Combine/Harvester (only IconDisplay)

Version 1.89 Beta
–new Implements view Warning Text Refuel/Damage % *needs View Warnings –Is Damage Text On/Is Fuel Empty Text On–* (user wunsch)
(Prio, Blocking,Water,Damage,Fuel) (set GUI Menue % values)
–new view Overload Text (GUI Menue –View Overload Text–)
(vehicleInspectorSettings.xml (isOverload=”Text”) —> View Text Display) (View Icon Display / set Automatic Default Overload Icon)
–set new Wait Color Type for AD (Yellow)
–fix can Loaded FillTypes (Gui Menue On/Off Trigger)
–fix Ghost Line and Background
–fix Background Width and Only Controlled

–fix/new VCA and viSetGet Lua Error (not everyone,hm)
–fix see notFillLevel and is Helper or is Player
–fix Preview Can Loaded FillTypes and Controlled Vehicle (view permanent)

–implements more VehicleHud Infos OnFoot (damage,capacity,weight)
–implements view Can Loaded FillTypes Info OnFoot (optional On/Off in Gui Menue)
–set Default 15m InfoHud
–fix “to Large” and View Contractor Vehicles
–unlocked Vehicle Attached Icon option (optional On/Off in Gui Menue) –> only for Vehicle Icon Display
–implements Vehicle+Attached Preview –> MouseCursor On and in Vehicle Icon(Icon Display) or Vehicle Line(Default Display)
(optional On/Off in Gui Menue)
–fix Train Icon (is Icon Display On)

! ATTENTION –> Only Compatible with new Update Versions *MultiOverlayV4,VehicleFruitHud,HeapPreview*
–new set optional view PlayerName max length
–new set Max Length VehicleName/FillTypeName (+5)
–set new JobTypeTxt (Off,FullName,SmallName)
–implements Info State Txt for Key Contractor Vehicle On/Off
–new key Binding View Force Display (default key L or optional over Setting Line) Switch 0,1 or 2 –> only for Vehicle Icon Display
–new *VEHICLE ICON DISPLAY* (optional On/Off in Gui Menue)
–new keyRegister (*needs for VehicleInspector,MultiOverlayV4,VehicleFruitHud,HeapPreview Mods*)
–implements Setting Line (optional on/off)
–implements Other Settings Page (VI Gui Menue) –> for Optional Extras
–implements view Vehicle + Attached Separate Damage (optional On/Off in Gui Menue Other Setting) –> is Select Attach
–implements view Vehicle Trailer UnloadSide (optional On/Off in Gui Menue Other Setting) “Abkippseite”
–view Vehicle Working Width and VI is Off (unlock)

–implements view Vehicle Working Width (optional On/Off in Gui Menue) “Arbeitsbreite” –Default On
–fix view over MultiOverlay Slot (ü,ä etc. Filltype not see)
–implements Helper + Info H-VC H-CP H-AD etc. (CoursePlay/AutoDrive/VehicleControl/…)
–implements Blocking Vehicles (is Blocking Warning Text On)
–implements Job Text by AD (needs View JobType Text On)
–fix Overlap MiniMap and VehicleInspector Display

–joinVehicles set State Cmd + Icon for MultiOverlayV4 Hud (Join Vehicles Own or Contractor)
–Gui Menue Update

–copy header
–new Optional VI Output over MultiOverlayV4 Hud Slot
–fix view Player Name and AutoDrive Helper
–fix view Player view Helper (isPlayer and not isHelper)
–new optional color on/off icon for Cmd VehicleInspector On/Off
–fix load Server (stoped)
–new VehicleInspector On/Off Cmd for MultiOverlayV4 Hud
–new performenc optimization for OnlyControlled Vehicles True
–fix Speed Text
–fix View PlayerName
Version 1.75 beta
– New Scripts Only for LS22 and Ingame GuiMenue



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1 month ago

How do I hide the overlay? Sometimes it gets in the way.

2 months ago

This just happened to me where tractor and other vehicles will turn on their light automatically and when i try to turn them off, they just turn on again.

1 year ago


Ethan Land
Ethan Land
1 year ago

people bitching about this mod need to realize its a beta, know what beta means

2 years ago

This says version 1.91 but when you download, you get 1.90

2 years ago

This is version 1.87 aint 1.88

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