The ITALIA EMILIA Extension map is the result of almost three years of work. The first part was released in 28/03/2021 for Farming Simulator 19, and now the map has been expanded for Farming Simutator 22 with this new version.

This project required a vast amount of work (almost 1500 hours in total) as we wanted to challenge ourselves to design every building and every detail from scratch – every street, every railway, every building, and every fence is custom made in-house. The goal was to give to the player a completely new game experience, both in terms of graphics and (as we can see later) gameplay.

As with any good game map, there is a back story for every player to choose, and Italia Emilia is no exception. We wanted to create an infinite number of branches for the player to take to create a story which is both engaging, but infinitely unique. The map centres heavily around a “career”, and how that intertwines within the map’s buildings, farms, animal husbandries, and other interactive objects.

As an example, the player wishes to start a save game without any funds and without farmland. After completing just a few missions, the player will be able to buy ‘Deposito Ferroviario’ (Railway Depot) for €8,000, or go bigger with Capanno Nuovo (New Sheds) farm for €19,000 with the bare-necessities for gameplay – a couple of sheds, a small grain silo, a sleep trigger, and a few smaller details which are useful to the player.

With this, the story begins. The player progresses, earns money, and buys more land, more buildings, and invests in warehouses, factories, and opens the door to animal husbandry. All of this whilst watching the financial situation, making wise investments to generate maximum income.

For the player who wants a headstart, your career begins are Masseria Azzurra (Azure Farmhouse), one of the smaller and easier farms to manage with just a chicken coop to pave the way into animal husbandry; work begins here. Buy up animal husbandries, buy into silage trenches and huts, and expand, and climb into new territory! The climb is not only metaphorical, but is a very real reminder that the climb to the goal reaching the farm at the top of the highest point of the map has started – the climb to Masseria Italia (Italia Farmhouse). This elaborate farm is home to pastures for every type of animal, 2.5Ha of included farmland, 5Ha of custom made, entirely reworked vineyards, and a wine cellar to turn your grapes into the finest wines at the cost of over €5.2 million!

So again, the goal of Italia Emilia Extension was to give to the player a completely new game experience. Following the Italian-style, and following the infinitely varied avenues, Italia Emilia Extension allows its players to use their imagination and write their own story of creating a successful farm!


FIX v3.0.0.0 (new savegame required)
added sheep milk production
added sheep cheese production
added automatic bale and barrel storage (a huge thank you to Razak for this)
improved realism of hen husbandry (a huge thank you to Farmer Andy for this)
improved realism of vineyards with new stages and dedicated tools (a huge thank you to SMI for this)
various performance and graphical improvements

FIX 11/07/22 ver.
Trigger visit Masseria Azzurra
Trigger wardrobe Masseria Azzurra
Snow removed from under covered areas
Added some collisions
Various graphic improvements

ATTENTION: In order for the ITALIA map to work correctly, make sure you also have these mods:

Fiat X70 Series
New Holland TX 32
Amazone D9
FS22_Crane_ITALIA_Emilia_Ext (In download section)
FS22_Chipper_ITALIA_Emilia_Ext (In download section)
FS22_BaleStorage_Italia (In download section)



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6 days ago

After 22/08/22 that was my last save cause i put some wrong mods and look for what i had dont start from the begin. so i find (also i download the Version 3 from hear to upgrade the map, and i have a BIG ISSUE, even with previous Version Or Even the new Versions the OLIVE TREES is white as the snow, the wood the leaves the olives, i check everything i check mods and ETC, i cant find anything so now i have a beautifully map and equipement and olives from Alpine :p xaxaxa, can some how to fix the graphics problem ?????

5 months ago

 it’s a piece of art

8 months ago

I am having issues when trying to switch vehicles, anytime i accidentally switch to the Wood Chipper, the game gets stuck. doesnt freeze per say, just gets stuck in the chipper and nothing works when i try to get out. even when i try to get out of the game to restart, it just gets stuck with the same view of trees moving leaves a little and i cant move away. any help would be appreciated! Also, i tried with the regular single player version AND the multifruit version where i have to swap files and its the same issue on both, so i figure its a problem with the latest update and this chipper 🙁

Jan-Niklas Buchwald
Jan-Niklas Buchwald
10 months ago

Moin moin,
ich finde die Map wirklich sehr schön. Die Arbeiten die dahinter steckt muss gewaltig gewesen sein. Allerdings sehe ich die Karte mehr als Kunst an anstatt als echt spielbare Karte. Ich finde es schön wenn es auch noch eine “spielbarere” Version davon gäbe.

Ergebnis nach 2 Tagen mit der Karte.

  • Die Weinreben sind zwar schön, aber es gibt keine Anzeige. Wie der Stand der Rebe ist.
  • Autodrive funktioniert garnicht.
  • CP funktioniert nur sehr eingeschränkt.
  • Aufgrund der sehr engen Straße, Wege, Durchgänge und der vielen Schilder bleibt man überall hängen.
  • Die Schweine und Kühle fliegen ganz häufig in der Luft
  • Gras und Heuballen können mit einigen Hängern nicht aufgenommen werden, weil Sie nicht erkannt werden.
10 months ago

la maps elle les au top bravo

Allen Kacz
Allen Kacz
1 year ago

This is the forever map you’ve searched for the last two years! Its not just a FS map its a self contained world unto itself. Spent an entire day just exploring all the unique hand made buildings and areas. One of a kind masterpiece!

Rui Carvalho
Rui Carvalho
1 year ago

O jogo quando está a carregar mapa a 68% vai abaixo. 😭

1 year ago

Nice map indeed! Good textures, All looks awsome… there is for me only one ‘but’,.. i tried 2 contracts (making bales, bring them to the BGA Italia. On the Map there is the ‘!’ (dropzone/destination) visible. But in the game, arriving at the BGA, no dropzone is visible… The normal BGA ‘!’s (blue visible) are there but they don’t accept the bales for some reason? The Dropzone is there where the tool (in blue) is visible… but again, pressing ‘R’ there brings me to the ‘buy-menu’… I did the contracts with borrowed items….

Further,… cudos for this nice map!

Reply to  fred
1 year ago

found the droppoint.. only needed a telehandler to put the bales in it :D.. just bought one.

1 year ago

Just as amazing as it was in FS19 – it’s a piece of art. Truly a masterpiece with a vivid atmosphere!

Sad that some content creators have such a stupid map-rating mechanism that would leave this map with 2.5 stars, but then again; when you get so far ahead of yourself, you can’t tell the difference with the taste of your own crap

Reply to  Poncho
1 year ago

Yes a stunning, immersive and original map. Not a rehash of off the existing fs22 buildings and assets that 95% of all the other maps are. They tend to all feel and look like variations of each other.

As for the 2.5 star review I agree his rating method is “very tick a box” and flawed. Gives no points for originally, authenticity, immersion and X-factor.

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