Typical North German landscape in North Friesland. We have dykes here, ditches around the fields, and the fields are mostly square. The land was reclaimed from the North Sea by dikes over the past few centuries

There are no ready-made courtyards, everyone can creatively design their own courtyard according to their personal preferences. There are a few large spaces available for this. A few halls and a workshop are attached to the map

Fields then forest
On the NF march there are 79 fields with , from 0.8 ha to 95 ha everything is there, average field about 12.8 ha and the total area of ​​all fields is just over 1000ha of which about 140ha are grassland

Forest area
There are more than 150 hectares of forest with countless trees, most of which are also suitable for the wood harvester.

In addition to the standard fruits, rye, spelt, triticale and millet have been added to the map, and other filling types on the map are earth, sand and gravel

Earth in the ditch
In the ditches you can find earth in many places on the map which you can dredge and sell with an excavator, then there is the sand, gravel, earth area where there is a lot of material for excavating and loading

Points of sale
If you harvest a lot, you also have to sell a lot. There are a total of 16 different points of sale at the NF March 4-fold, including Raiffeisen, the port, the train station but without a train, the depot, grain trade and grain AG
You can also buy seeds, fertilizer, lime, mineral feed, herbicides and liquid fertilizer at the train station and at Raiffeisen
For pallet goods there are the sales possibilities Lidl, Aldi, Edeka, the stadium, the hardware store and the spinning mill
You can sell bales at the nursery and straw at the thermal power station, there is also a sales station for wood at the sawmill, milk goes to the dairy (no production)
You can buy vehicles from the vehicle dealer and animals from the local pet shop
There are 3 gas stations, 2 of which are also equipped with charging stations, so that you don’t have to leave your vehicle on the field without diesel, electricity or methane

The map also has 2 large biogas plants which can be bought and operated

Extensive road network
In order to be able to reach all sales points easily, there is a comprehensive road network where mostly AI vehicles are on the road
There is a ready-made Autodrive network from Holger for download where all fields and all sales stations have already been driven in.

On the NF Marsch Mod Map there are 3 different collectibles to search for. This includes 10 pairs of Shelly shoes, 30 FA gold coins and 78 NF march pallets
For all collector’s items, there are shelves at the vehicle dealer that fill up when the objects are found. There is also a bonus when you find all objects in a category
If someone cannot find all the objects themselves, there are suitable help videos on my YouTube channel in which I show all the hiding places for the shoes, coins and pallets.

Support area
The shop area also serves as a big thank you to the numerous supporters of the NF Marsch. Here we have the active YouTube channel members and the self-made Twitch Subs

Changelog: NF MARSCH 4FACH

Map 1.7.1 ohne Gräben Version Brücken und Leitplanken gefixt

Map 1.7
– Neue Luzerne Textur für bessere Performance
– 3 parkende Autos bei Bauplatz für Brauerei gelöscht
– Etwas mehr Platz bei der Einkaufsstation am Bahnhof geschaffen
– 5 kleine kaufbare Flächen für Abwasser Station eingebaut (Siehe Mapfoto bei dem Klärwerk)
– Grabendeko bei Feld 14 etwas tiefer gesetzt
– Düngebedarf für die Multifruits für Precision Farming eingefügt
– Kleine Lücke in der Wasserplane bei Feld 27 gestopft
– Map für 8 neue Produkte vorbereitet
– Alte Elektrobox in der nähe vom Hafen verschoben
(Bekannter Fehler der noch nicht gefixt werden konnte: Multifruit Erdfrüchte lassen sich teilweise nicht vollständig pflügen oder grubbern, hilft aktuell nur pflügen mit aktiver

Map Version 1.6
– Precision Farming ready Bodentypen Map
– 8 Neue Produkte in die Karte eingebaut
– Kaufläche vom Komposter bei der Gärtnerei etwas vergrößert
– Lavendel kann wieder mit Drescher Maisschneidwerk geerntet werden (Danke an Modmicha)
– Kollision von Lampen bei Feld 32 gefixt
– Werkstatt bei den Höfen nun auch Lackierung möglich
– Kompost nun mit K
– Regenrinne bei Gärtnerei etwas tiefer am Boden
– Neues Symbol für Siliermittel
– FillTypeConverter “STONE_CRUSHER” für Terra Farm Script Nutzer eingefügt
– Error: Failed to load distance texture “CompostDistance_diffuse” gefixt
– Haus-Nr 24 Doppelte Markise gelöscht
– Haus-Nr 71 Fass hat nun Kollision
– Haus-Nr 75 Fassade hat nun Kollision
– Ready für mehr Multifruits (danke an Tim)
– Gehweg Verlauf Parkbesucher geändert
– Ein paar alte Büsche neben Feld 58 gelösch
– Felddefinition bei Feld 9 angepasst (Kreisverkehr und Bahnhofhalle)
– Log Error Fehler mit Pickup beim Häcksler behoben

Map 1.5
Fence at BGA South slightly shifted (part of the BGA was in the fence)
Moved 4 bushes in the forest above field 57
Cleared space for pulp mill at port
BGA bale trigger enlarged for better dumping and autodrive detection
New symbol for water
Deleted last erroneous collision from field 10
Poplars can now be planted with precision planters
Lavender first removed from the corn header (because of motionPathEffects error)
Removed alfalfa in the curve at the harbor (savegame related)
Moved the vehicle spawn place at the shop a little further away from the hall
Trench at field 8 towards BGA is now part of the field
The avenue of trees at the “Rinderhof” now belongs to the farm
Missing delineator at field 29/30 pushed back to the street
Channel members and Twitch Subs up to date again
The 4 new products installed in the points of sale
Error Fix: Unknown file type ‘effects/belt/beltonionClean_materialHolder.i3d.bak’
Error Fix: Unknown file type ‘effects/belt/beltOnionDirt_materialHolder.i3d.bak’
Error Fix: Unknown file type ‘effects/windrower/windrowerEffects.xml.bak’
Error Fix: Unknown file type ‘maps/NF_Marsch/desktop.ini’
Error Fix: Unknown file type ‘maps/placeables/windrad/Textures/Thumbs.db

NF Marsch Version
– Ballen in der Map geändert so dass sie wieder Autoloader Script tauglich sind
– Überflüssige .bak Dateien gelöscht
– Twitch Sub Tafeln im Shop nun auf dem aktuellen Stand
– Schreibfehler Luzerne frisch behoben

NF march version 1.4
– New Multifruits Carrot, Onion, Cabbage, Lavender, Alfalfa and Hops
– BGA electricity and gas is no longer sold automatically (keep, distribute or sell production system)
– Adjusted BGA’s capacity and consumption for liquid manure, manure and sugar beet pulp
– Prices for diesel increased
– Prices for fertilizer sale and purchase adjusted
– Reduced prices for OSB, chipboard, and pallet boards
– Sales prices for pig feed significantly reduced
– Tree that is too close to field 55 moved
– Added collision at FED family house 78
– Smoothed out small bump on field 35 opposite the gas station
– Changed 2 bushes between field 71 and 72
– Entrance to the small forest at field 22 moved
– Field 17 on the dyke smoothed out a bit
– Added collision at shop counter
– Set up house 46 more beer and lamps
– 2 flagpoles at the shop were slightly in the air
– Added some new green connections
– Smoothed out bumps at field 66
– Fixed faulty lamp at the port area
– NF march pinwheels now have night light (thanks to Arthur 469)
– Shredded goods now also in the price list
– Grass after grass missions will now grow back
– Moved double tree at Nursery
– Added potatoes to the Fruittype category Planter
– Silage additives can now be bought at the Raiffeisen and train station shopping situations
– Small warning cones fixed in the shop
– Fixed lamp next to left hardware store entrance
– 2 new residents have moved in 37 and 42

Version 1.3.1 The first pallet productions
– The first 5 new types of pallets: empty pallets, board pallets, OSB and chipboard pallets, log pallets
– Closed a small gap at Wasserplan Graben Feld 45/46
– Tire pile at BGA North moved
– Deleted floating piece of steel beam at hardware store
– Collision added at kennel hardware store
– Collision added to some garbage cans and barrels
– Fixed a water plane next to field 63 that was too short
– Various remodeling work at house no.: 29
– Fixed gap in water between field 14 and 15
– 2 garbage containers placed a little higher at Raiffeisen
– Completed fence at field 18 by the hall
– Moved a few trees next to field 16 a bit further away from the field
– Parking lot under field 28 deleted
– Hole in the fence at house – No.: 35 closed
– Some old sunflowers at field 29 deleted
– Scale trigger slightly enlarged

March version 1.2
Bug fix + improvements
– AI road network now also in the north and south-east
– Improved AI road network in various places (rest is game problem with collision of helpers and stationary cars)
– New values ​​for seed consumption and yield values ​​for almost all fruits (thanks to Freelancer Trent)
– Wind turbines are now turning clockwise (thanks to Andy101285)
– Various superfluous textures deleted from the map (map about 260 MB smaller)
– Various technical optimizations
– Slightly increased spawn places at the shop for the vehicles
– Changed the depot collision and raised the building a bit so that you can dump trailers better
– Moved a lamp on the road by the port further away from the road
– Improved the transition from the stadium grandstand to the hut
– Added missing water in the ditch at field 38
– Added missing water at field 78
– Added missing water at house 48
– Added missing water at the port
– Dry lake next to the sawmill sales point refilled with water
– Fixed water edge at field 27
– Floating tree behind depot moved to ground level
– Pig feed and compound feed is now displayed in the price list
– Selling prices of feed and compound feed increased
– Selling prices of sand, dirt and gravel reduced
– Moved 2 empty pallets from space for diesel production
– Adjusted the height of the lamps in the carport 45
– Fixed various floating objects above the riding arena next to house 34
– Fixed covered tables at the hardware store
– Shelf/pallets In the hall next to house 39 it is no longer written in the wall
– Car moved at house #39
– Bus stop at field 45 moved back a little
– Fixed floating tree between shop and farmstead
– Collision added at the liquid sales point at the train station
– Field definition at field 46 on the power pole slightly adjusted
– A piece of remaining road under field 21 removed
– Brand flags at the shop are back
– Fixed cars standing in each other next to field 50 (old horse farm).
– Moved tree from Sawmill sell point
– BGA volume significantly increased again so that grass silage missions are not completed so quickly
– Turned the lamp in the curve at the former sugar factory
– Double hide in the forest at field 68 deleted
– Field 35 on the dike leveled again a bit
– Collision with the lamps at the bridge to the island on the top right deleted
– Fixed invisible collision at position 1612 1543
– Manhole cover a little embellished at the shop
– Tree in the garage at no. 70 postponed
– Deleted fence below ground next to train station
– The heaps of 83 have moved and we welcome newcomers to 26 Christian to 61 Myndworm and 75 BigBauerAndy
– Scattered sunflower next to field 46 deleted
– Deleted a few deco bushes on field 57
– Removed dead sunflower at the lake below
– Deleted a few wild poplars

Bug fix + improvements
– Fences can now be placed without problems
– Animal enclosures/stalls can now also be built without problems
– New water sheet now mostly in the ditches and not everywhere
– Claas Axion tractor with new farmer mode is now part of the fleet and can be sold (search savegame for axion800.xml and then make propertyState=”0″ propertyState=”1″)
– New farmer mode, the road network is no longer part of the start.
– BGA farmlands are now not that expensive
– Turned some place-name signs the right way round
– Fixed floating trees in the wooden boxes old brewery area (under field 25)
– BGA active production costs are now the same for both
– BGA slightly higher silage capacity
– Deleted invisible collision of old barrels in the shop area
– Fixed floating delineators between fields 19 and 21
– Deleted floating hut above tile 73
– Moved the power box and broken stone heaps to the halls in the courtyard
– Collision scaling carport at house no.: 45 fixed
– Fixed floating lamp at house 69
– Fixed ground collision on field 10 and 35 (problems with swath, new score/move may be required)
– Fixed BGA north collision at the building
– Moved a lamp at the nursery
– Purchase price of gravel, sand and earth pits increased tenfold
– Trees at field 49 moved slightly away from the field
– Cable drum moved behind Spinnerei/Depot
– Lamp on former place for flour factory deleted
– Sunflower on the road next to field 27 deleted (only gone with a new save/if you reset fruit)
– New textures for the town sign ( User gronimusic.official Insta)
– Added collision at garage of house no. 69
– Server error message Ad_best of error fixed
– Fixed flying camera over gas station
– A few crash barriers moved a bit
– Fixed treeBranchShader.xml and treeTrunkShader.xml errors
– Prices of some filling types like egg, wool, flour and bread adjusted to the last LS22 patch

Changelog: FED MODS PACK

Mod Pack 1.4
– Fehler Werkstatt Trigger Indoor Area gefixt
– Hackschnitzelnballen lassen sich nun nicht mehr in der Ballenlager Halle bewegen
– Ballenlager mit Script von Achimobil umgebaut. Ballen werden nun nach Füllstandsanzeige angezeigt

Mods Pack 1.3.1
– Gesamtlagerkapazität Ballenlagerhalle berichtigt und Log Fehler “Warning: UnloadTrigger
has invalid fillType” gefixt (danke an Achimobil)

Mods Pack 1.3
– Neuer Fahrzeug Werkstatt Trigger auch als Erweiterung für Produktion Werkstatt geeignet
– Flüssigkeitslager Diesel tanken jetzt für alle Fahrzeuge
– Ballenlager erkennt jetzt auch Hackschnitzel Ballen

Mod Pack 1.2
New liquid store for storing water, diesel, Adblue, liquid fertilizer, herbicides, milk, silage additives, liquid manure and fermentation residues
Ball storage hall for storing bales or loose straw, grass, silage, hay and alfalfa. Output in bales of any kind (thanks to the script from Achimobil) or loose
New XL BGA drive-through silo
Walls of the BGA wedge silo increased and improved
The 3 smaller silos are no longer recognized as silo extensions
Various recommended texture improvements

Changelog: Production Pack

Produktionen 1.5
– Neue Produktion Mehlfabrik mit Produktion von Weizenmehl, Roggenmehl, Dinkelmehl und als Nebenprodukt Kleie
– Neue Produktion Klärwerk wo aus Abwasser, Gülle und Gärresten Kompost und Wasser entsteht
– Neue mini Produktion Abwasser Klärwerk, kleine Station wo mit Wartung Abwasser entsteht
– Neue Produktion Molkerei mit Herstellung von Butter, Vollmilch, Sahne, Quark und Joghurt, + Abwasser
– Holzfäller Verbrauch Leerpalette auf größe der Holzstamm Palette abgestimmt
– Brauerei Schüttgut Schilder berichtigt
– Diverse Map Hotspot Symbole auf Produktions Symbol geändert
– Futterfabrik kann nun Mineralfutter aus Kleie, Kalk und Hefe herstellen
– Futterfabrik Kaufpreis erhöht und Silo Kapazitäten angepasst
– Düngerfabrik Herstellung von Dünger durch Kompost möglich, Silo Kapazitäten angepasst
– Düngerfabrik Herstellung von Flüssigdünger aus Wasser und Dünger möglich
– Beim Holzfäller und Saatgutherstellung Silo Kapazitäten angepasst
– Schwebende Tonnen beim Heizkraftwerk gefixt
– Zellstofffabrik und Zuckerfabrik produziert jetzt auch Abwasser

Produktions Pack 1.4.1
– Kollision einer Lampe bei der Zuckerfabrik gefixt

Produktions Pack 1.4
– Neue Produktion Zuckerfabrik mit Herstellung von Zucker, Melasse, Rübenschnitzel und Kompost,
Auf dem Gelände der Zuckerfabrik ist Platz für 2 weitere Produktionen
– Neue Produktion Malzfabrik mit Herstellung von Gersten-, Weizenmalz und Schweinefutte
Auf dem Geländer der Zuckerfabrik ist genau Platz für die Malzfabrik
– Neue Produktion Labor zur Herstellung von Hefe aus Melasse, Karton und Herstellung von Siliermittel aus Melasse und/oder Milch
Auf dem Geländer der Zuckerfabrik ist genau Platz für das Labor
– Neue Produktion Brauerei zur Herstellung von Weizen Fassbier und Gerstenfassbiert
– Kollision bei einem Tank der Raffinerie eingefügt
– Kollision bei dem Generator und einer Wand beim Heutrockner eingefügt
– Kollision beim Abladebereich und Gebäude der Zellstofffabrik eingefügt
– Ablagegitter bei Futterfabrik eingefügt
– Produktion Werkstatt Diesel tanken möglich
– Zellstofffabrik Ballen Trigger an die richtige Stelle verschoben
– Abladegeschwindigkeit beim Sägewerk für Hackschnitzel erhöht
– Komposter dient nicht mehr als Lager, Rohstoffe wie z.B. Gras kann nicht mehr entnommen werden.
– Komposter Kollision in Dieseltank und Dach eingefügt und Strohbedarf leicht erhöht
– Holzfäller Leerpaletten Verbrauch angepasst und Dieselverbrauch Stufe 2 etwas reduziert
– Zellstofffabrik Leerpaletten Verbrauch angepasst und Hackschnitzelverbrauch etwas reduziert
– Sägewerk Hackschnitzel und Leerpalette wird nun mehr produziert
– Überflüssige Halle bei der Zellstofffabrik gelöscht

Production Pack 1.3
New production hay drying
New production pulp mill with production of paper, cardboard and toilet paper
New production composter for making compost
Lumberjack, sawmill, workshop, all electricity producers can now be renamed
Fixed chipboard, OSB board, log and empty pallet straps
Fixed sawmill floating lamp
Thermal power station made some space next to the trigger for better AD bale unloading
The productions are no longer listed in the price overview
Collision added to the containers at the sawmill and lumberjack



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3 months ago

The claas you start with seems to be bugged, doesn’t have a price or customization and it doesn’t show up in your garage

3 months ago

There are canals, very beautiful. Like this map. Thanks to the author for his efforts. It would be better if roads were built on the dam. In addition, could windmills be reduced?

Reply to  nongfu
3 months ago

You can remove the windmills in the placeables.xml file….just comment them out.

Reply to  Storm
3 months ago

Thank you very much!

Donald Bieler
Donald Bieler
Reply to  Storm
2 months ago

how do you do that? new to modding is why i ask

Reply to  Donald Bieler
2 months ago

It can’t be deleted now

Donald Bieler
Donald Bieler
Reply to  nongfu
2 months ago

newest version you have to buy the land they sit on and then you can sell them for $0

3 months ago

I tried the version without the trenches, bought some land and put me a house on it, tried to place some trees around the house for decoration and it would not let me….”Too many trees” it says on the screen.

Reply to  Storm
2 months ago

i use more trees mod after coming across that issue works for me love the map so far

3 months ago

The map was beautiful: the land was open and flat, and the size was good. Ditches crisscross, ripples, dynamic lifelike. It is a beautiful enjoyment to carry out farming activities here.

3 months ago

I don’t understand what is the difference between FS22_NF_Marsch_4fach and FS22_NF_Marsch_4fach_oG maps. I would appreciate if someone could explain.

Reply to  Zeyneddin
3 months ago

The Og version dont have  canals the other one has

Reply to  gag
3 months ago


3 months ago

the bumps on the side of the field spoil the work. the planter is constantly hitting bumps. In half an hour, I cooled off the map.

3 months ago

How can we remove the bumps next to the fields in the version without water pond. Could you remove it and do a new update? Thanks. I wish you continued success.

2 months ago

Remove all wind turbines. It doesn’t make any money even if we buy it anyway. Some fields are too close to earth mounds. You’d better get those fields a little bit off the mounds, too. I wish you success.

2 months ago

Perfect map

2 months ago

I want a lot, I know, but there are too many fields. If you combine small fields, it pays better in both quests. Also, the map becomes simpler. It would be nice if you consider my suggestion.

2 months ago

Why can’t I remove on of the wind turbines that I have placed??????

2 months ago

The fences around Field 38 weren’t pretty. It would be better if you remove them. Because these fences make it difficult to plant, fertilize and harvest.

2 months ago

There is concrete on the ground between fields 4, 5 and 6 that I bought. I want to combine these fields, but the concrete does not allow this and the fields do not merge. There are many, really, many fields on the map. And most of these fields are small. The number of fields should be reduced. There are iron barriers on all roads, especially at intersections. I crash into barriers every time. For this reason, people get bored of the map in a short time. For this reason, an update is required.

Donald Bieler
Donald Bieler
2 months ago

Birch tree aren’t registering any liters of wood chips when I use the Trex 600 to cut them down to remove them from map.

Donald Bieler
Donald Bieler
Reply to  Donald Bieler
2 months ago

on both versions of the map

2 months ago

where can i find the pallet productions? doesnt show up in the productions list, i downloaded the productions pack but i cant find it

2 months ago

Our requests are not taken into account in updates. The map creator always updates the map according to his own wishes. He ignores our requests. Therefore, I will not be using this map from today on.

2 months ago

I thought, I couldn’t find a better map. That’s why I decided to play. 🙂 I take a task and give it to the worker. The pay for the jobs is very low. Could you reconsider the fee adjustment?

1 month ago

1000ha, that’s how big my grandparents farm is in Nebraska. 🙂

1 month ago

Nice map! But I just closed the last door of my Hormann Cowbarn for now. I cannot sell anything (e.g. Tomatos, Honey, Milk). Not at Aldi, Edeka. Cannot put them -as 2nd solution- in underground storage / Mod. Now this morning, my carefully piled up bales of strow are completely mixed up and laying everywhere in the shed (GIANTS, build in)..
sad moment… I really loved this map…
1 other thing; I assume this map’s ‘South’ is, when you play, North b’couse the sea is @ North… in that case, the direction of the Sun isn’t good.. Now it’s going from West to East….

4 hours ago

Started playing in 1.6 same day as 1.7.1 came out.
Do I need a new save game to switch to 1.7.1 ?

8 minutes ago

It would be better if you remove all the iron barriers at the road junctions. every time I crash into it with the car and the car rolls over. This makes the game difficult. I wish conveniences.

I also want you to update the AutoDrive file. Because it doesn’t work on all vehicles.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x