AutoDrive V2.0.0.5 + AutoDrive Course Editor

AutoDrive V2.0

This mod can be used to create a network of routes for vehicles to drive autonomously. Once setup you can tell a tractor that is standing anywhere close to the network to drive to any point, such as the shop, field 1 or to a sell point.

For help & support, feel free to join us on Discord:

For a little thank you

If you like our work, feel free to buy us a coffee (of which we drink quite a lot 😀 )
For now, there is no general link for the team, so each contributer can post his/her preferred donation link here 🙂
But remember, this is absolutely not required. We value any issues and feature requests the same!
And to all who do donate: Thank you very much 🙂
Stephan (Founder & Modder):
Axel (Co-Modder)
Iwan1803 (Community Manager, Supporter & Tester):


Bugfixes and improvements:

Route network debugging extended by “4_” for double-sided routes #259

1_ = End of a one-way route without connection
2_ = Angle for driving backwards is greater than 90°
3_ = Start of a one-way route without connection
4_ = Start or end of a two-way line without connection (new)

REC function makes the game “freeze” #337
Route recording with e.g. a wheel loader led to a LUA error #301 & #377
Avoid moving waypoints in map view from helper menu #303
Fruit bypass improved by detection of new grass in FS22 #184
Consideration of mass instead of m³ for fill level detection of unloader (can be activated in LS22 options)
Improved cooperation of unloader with potato harvester #311
Pathfinding to thresher starts too early (tube not yet fully extended) #419
Unloader does not drive backward after unloading #315
Various bugfixes and improvements to helper system when CP passed to AD #322
Optimization regarding transfer to CoursePlay for start at the first or continuation at the last CoursePlay waypoint
Unloader does not wait for turning maneuver from CoursePlay #326
Improvement for CoursePlay chopper regarding chasing
AD does not pass to CoursePlay in MP when you are in the vehicle yourself #368
Disable CoursePlay button in AD modes “Drive” and “Unload” #385
“Click to switch” (vom CP-Team) was fixed #355
Improvement of folding vehicles and attachments, folding is now activated by default, deactivate experimental switch in case of problems!
Transported equipment, which is not coupled, is also repaired if it belongs to the yard of the transport vehicle (e.g. cutting units on a wagon)
In-game ball collectors can be unloaded when passing through a “bale” trigger (Pickup&Deliver)
In case of automatic selection for the unloading side or unloading side=back, it is tried not to use the grain pusher
IVT gearbox has no power on the hill #371
The wage level for the helper is taken from the game, other settings e.g. from mods are thus calculated correctly #398
Route Manager partially stopped working (Procedure: Start game, save + quit and then move everything from “autoDrive” to modSettings\FS22_AutoDrive)
Collision detection improved when reversing #274
Reversing with cutterbar wagon does not work #340
Drive-through silo problem with unloading too slow at the beginning #194
Problem with backward unloading when setting small silo distances (10m) fixed #347
Shopauswahl für das Kaufen und Verkaufen lässt sich in “Abladen” nicht de- und aktivieren (blaue Hängersymbole), wird bei Modus-Wechsel immer deaktiviert #297
Automatic store selection for buying and selling cannot be de- and activated in “Unload” (blue trailer icons), will be always deactivated when changing mode #297
Working light is switched on during loading and unloading as well as driving in silos if activated -> default on (Non-functional settings) #392
Improved calculation of the curve radius
Mod conflict “grease” fixed, is not supported #418
Corrected calculation in getTractorTrainLength
Drivers are controlled by FillUnit, no longer by vehicle (better recognition of e.g. swap bodies/add-ons)
Fixed several LUA bugs

not fixed:

For self-driven tankers diesel is not shown as loadable good, check still open #233
“Vehicle drives to refuel” but then stops at AiO silo #188


AD can load and unload pallets, bags and bales via AutoLoad-Mod from Achimobil, please use latest version of it!

Improvement in the unloader routine regarding potato harvesting #141, 252 & 258
Unloader drives too close to the chopper #213
Improvement in the detection of sugar cane harvesters
Unloaders does not drive under the pipe when unloading while driving #227, 249 & 295
Fixed bugs regarding refueling #203, 262 & 291
LUA error regarding the red line #279
Server crash if several non connected route networks exist #237
Unloader can not find a way down from the field #256
Wrong destination shown in the error message #276
Warning message regarding #210
Key combinations regarding edit routes do not work #232
Arrow key combinations cause errors between AD and CP #278
Possible fix when using the mod “FS22_PlayerPositionSaver #273
removed incorrect and no longer needed translation #281
all notificatiosn are now only displayed at the top #286
the AD-HUD can be hidden in the helper menu by clicking the X
Improvement in the locking of trailer axes regardid reverse driving Bugfixes:
Course generator: Problem with disconnected curves #63
Course generator: Problems with one-way streets #65
Helper HUD: wrong display of filltypes when switching vehicles #80
Waypoints are created too far behind the vehicle when driving backward #90
single digit target names caused errors #106
LUA error when transporting big bags #114
Unloader do not take care about the trailer when driving backwards #129
Harvester was not recognized by the AD unloader if a non-admin controlled it #134
Display AD target marker on minimap #135
Vehicles calculate the route from the current waypoint instead of searching for a new one from the destination #143
AD lines are no longer displayed by right-clicking the edit button #167
Position of AD-HUD was not saved or not loaded at restart #167
changing target points by key combination is not alphanumeric #168
Loading areas on vehicles are not recognized as unloading points of harvesters #180
change of load by key combination is not alphanumeric #191
When a vehicle was sent to be repaired, it wanted to drive again afterwards to be repaired
Debug map markers were not synced, which was an error source for new created targets

AD has received a new logo (thanks to FinalsFarming)
the HUD and the buttons got a new design (thanks to Daensky)

Icons in notifications are centered and displayed larger, unused ones have been removed
Cleaned up code and removed unused functions and classes
Crop edge detection improved for harvester unloader (pursuit is stopped beforehand to leave more space for the turning maneuvers of the vehicles)
AD sends an event when it has parked a vehicle (interface for other mods)
Forage harvester unloader now has precalculated turning maneuvers to work with less space (currently only 180° turns implemented!)

AD starts driving even before automatic folding of attachments is completed #96
Attachment folding feature improved #131
Path calculation based on calculated travel time instead of distance (still under observation, since slightly higher performance requirement)

Release Latest


LUA error in synchro (Dedi server) #61
LUA error in helper HUD when not sitting in a vehicle #66
LUA error concerning Y-coordinate #68
Automatic route generation creates routes beyond the map border #64
Water is not loaded #62
Unloader sinks in lake #71
Middle mouse button grabs waypoints #73
Auger wagons with silage tank do not continue after unloading #74

New functions:

Debug info for starting points of a route #36
Key assignment for sending vehicles for repair #78


Improvement in automatic curve creation (last segment) #23
Improvement concerning engine shutdown (e.g. when overloading) #70
Improvement in filling up a seed machine (fertilizer & seed) #72
AD target points are displayed in the helper HUD above the LS22 targets #77


Improvement regarding folding attachments #75
U-Turn of unloader reduced to min.

AutoDrive Course Editor


Java version greater than 13 is required. JRE or JDK are both possible. Current Java versions can be downloaded here Installation instructions can be found here


The Editor works with configs generated by the FS19 + FS22 versions of the mod.

Start AutoDrive Course Editor

The editor can be started using the supplied CMD file: “Open Editor with Console to see errors.cmd”. The editor can also be started from the command line: java -jar -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m .\AutoDriveEditor.Jar

The editor will create the log file autoDriveEditor.log, which is used for later troubleshooting. This file has a maximum size of 20MB. A maximum of 3 version files are then created.

Map Images

I maintain another repository of map images that are ready to use with the editor.

Go here or download AutoDrive_MapImages-main file below. Do you have any map images that are not on the repository?, please consider doing a pull request to add to the collection, it will help other people.. Help with pull requests can be found on GitHub Docs

AutoDrive Course Editor Changelog:

Update to v0.90.0

Added support for larger map sizes
Added internal support for variable size heightmaps
Added option to export a heightmap to use as the default heightmap
Node size can now be configured ( only through config in this version, next version preferences window)
Height Maps will be automatically downloaded and used if they are found on the MapImages GitHub
Fixed connection arrows not scaling properly to node size
Adjusted some locale strings
Minor bug fixes

AutoDriveEditor v0.80.0

Added Route Manager XML loading/saving
Auto map image detection/loading is working the same way as regular configs.
Heightmaps will have to be manually loaded, this will change in next release (v0.90.0).
Fixed area select not working after menu interaction
Reverted linear line node scaling until a better system is found
Modified autosave system to remember the last used slot on exit, ensures the oldest save is overwritten on restart
The editor now saves the Filechoosers last used location on exit, restores it on load
Removed unused locale strings
Minor bug fixes


Route Manager loading/saving has only been tested on the FS22 version of AutoDrive
It is not recommended to use it with FS19 AutoDrive until it has been properly tested.

AutoDriveEditor v0.70.1

Re-enabled heightmap loading
Added a show heightmap menu option
Fixed some dialog texts not being correct
added link to GitHub page in about dialog

AutoDriveEditor v0.70.0


Added Autosaving, default is every 10 minutes, max 10 backups, see options menu for changing interval
( backup file name is the same as config name but with “_autosave_x” added to the end )
Added depth alignment option, works the same way as Horizontal/Vertical alignment
Added button to Manually edit a nodes X/Y/Z location.
Added menu item to scan and display overlapping nodes
Added warning icon display to nodes, indicates an issue needs looking into
Added Paste in Place – Paste nodes into their original location, instead of centred on viewpoint


Changed how DEBUG mode is activated, can now be turned on/off from the help menu
Creating a connection to a node with a negative Y location will make the node inherit the start
nodes Y level.
Linear lines, Quad Curves and Cubic curves will now calculate and average out any in-between nodes
Y height ( based on the start/end nodes y level) if no heightmap is available.
‘Fix node height’ menu option will now only change nodes that have a large difference in their
actual/desired location
Added a dialog on map scan to specify the range to search for overlapping nodes
Added merge nodes menu item, a backup is saved before merging in case something goes wrong
Fixed overlap scan information only logging to the log file ( now appears in the text area
at bottom of editor
Fixed copy/paste buffer duplication
Fixed import of FS22 map images larger than 8192 x 8192
Fixed keyboard shortcuts for cut/copy/paste not working
Overlapping node scan now runs in background on config load
Node movement now checks for overlapping ( undo/redo is not supported yet)
Fixed adding secondary node creating a regular node :/
Fixed liner line coordinates mixup from last commit
Fixed linear line spacing not accounting for the map zoom factor
Fixed paste selection ignoring no heightmap being loaded
FileChoosers now remember the last location used
Updated Log4J to 2 17.1

AutoDriveEditor v0.60.2

Fixed possible config corruption with “Delete Node” Undo/Redo
NOTE – Mass undo/redo of nodes ( for eg. 200+ nodes ) will take much longer now, in the order of multiple seconds

AutoDriveEditor v0.60.1

Fixed AutoDrive version detection while loading configs
Fixed menu item “Fix Nodes Height” being enabled when no heightmap was loaded
Fixed QuadCurve and CubicCurve control points not moving and freaking out when grid snapping enabled
Fixed version check using the wrong repository to check against

AutoDriveEditor v0.60.0

Complete refactor of codebase
Removed all the map images packaged into the JAR file, resulting in huge reduction in filesize
Changed Grid show/Hide, Grid Snapping, Subdivision Snapping are now togglable by single keyboard press on G, S, D respectivly
Re-enabled moving multiple nodes with grid snapping enabled, it now works as intended


Added Update check… Editor will now check github for new versions on startup and display a update message.

Added automatic map image downloads, if no matching mapimage can be found during the config load stage it will
connect to my other github repository ( and check if the
image is available, if so, it will download it and place it in the mapimages folder to re-use.

Added terrain heightmap intergration…. Some caveats apply

(1) The terrain heightmap (terrain.heightmap.png) must be in the same folder as the config your loading,
this is standard for all savegame slot folders.

(2) The height placement will not be exactly level with the ingame terrain, but it should be close, this
is due to the terrain heightmap resolution being limited to 2 meters per pixel, whereas ingame terrain
is at a much higher resolution. It is strongly recommended you have the node position above the vehicle
ingame to compensate for the difference and make sure they are visible.

The heightmap stores the terrain Y value as a integer ranging from 0 – 255, the editor will use this
integer value as a Y value for nodes, but nodes store their x,y,z in a double precision value with many
decimal places. Nodes can be moved in 0.001 incriments, so, in game terrain could be at (for example)
123.684 and the heightmap value is 123 or 122.

(3) It cannot account for meshes within the map, so nodes placed over where a bridge (for example) would be,
will still be on the ground, you will have to manually move them ingame to the correct height.
I cannot correct for this issue, it’s a known limitation, but much better than the original solution

(4) If no height map was loaded, adding nodes will revert to the old behaviour of placing nodes at
one Y level

Added a menu item ‘Fix Nodes Height’, it will scan all nodes and fix the height to the correct values
(if a heightmap was loaded)

AutoDriveEditor v0.50.1

Potential fix for blank FileChooser



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4 months ago

I need Chinese

Reply to  Anonymous
1 month ago

dinner or lanque??/ LOL

4 months ago

Na PC nie działa. Ktoś to uruchomił ?

3 months ago

hi i don’t know how to upload a two way route

1 month ago

Thanks for the mod but there are some issues.

  1. Harvester pre-call level not working
  2. Active unloading is messed up(sometimes work and some not)
  3. Unloader doesn’t know how to come to harvester for unloading.
  4. Collision detection work on ground level too(is there is a road made on the river for example the driver detects it as a collision and stop)
1 month ago

can you tell me what is wrong?? i have downed and draged it into modsfolder>>> but modsscreen in my savedgames keeps saying i have version and the hud states the same. why is that so??

Reply to  vosmeer
2 hours ago

Likely reason is it did not overwrite the pre-existing (autodrive zip) file in your mods folder but instead wrote a new file as (1). If so, you’ll need to delete the old and rename the new.

2 hours ago

For me autodrive is one of the must have mods for a single player especially on the bigger maps. I hope one day this will be fully implemented into the base game but realise this may never happen. So thank you for your work to make this game more playable to many who perhaps would not have afforded the time and effort otherwise.

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