LIZARD F350 V1.2

LIZARD F350 V1.0

Lizard F350 truck with various bodies to do the work within a farm.

– F350: $26000
– F350 Double Cab: $30,000
– Normal Short Body: $2000
– Normal Body: $3000
– Short Service Body: $2200
– Normal Short Service Bodywork: $3200
– Short Flatbed 1: $2200
– Normal Flatbed 1: $3200
– Short Flatbed 2: $2200
– Normal Flatbed 2: $3200

F350 Specifications:
– Power: 350 hp
– Top speed: 93 mph
– Optional manual and automatic transmission
– 8 rim models
– 7 tire settings (changing model size)
– 5 grid templates with color variations totaling 24 settings
– 5 bumper models with color variations totaling 13 configurations
– 3 models of side extensions
– 5 color variations of the door and middle backrests in the interior
– 7 interior color variations
– Optional interior panel color
– 3 models of headlights, with 6 configurations for these
– Optional snorkel and two LED bars in the cabin
– Optional latches, stirrup and two exhaust models (the same as the FS19)
– 3 shades of glass and optional channels in the windows
– 3 bush breaker models and 1 frontal third point hitch
– Optional beacon light and sticker
– 3 wheel spacing options
– Band sticker with optional color
– Overall height manually regulated, there is also manual adjustment for the rear axle only
– Features mirror animations

Standard body option:
– 4 side extension models with color variations, totaling 8 configurations
– Rollcage in metallic or metallic color with optional headlights
– Raptor prop on the lid
– optional antenna and box
– 4 optional bumper color variations
– Fifth wheel, gooseneck and standard hitch options
– 5 sticker templates (4×4, two FX4, Super Off Road, and skull sticker)
– Optional side band
– Super Off Road and skull sticker with color options

For work bodies, there is an optional side box on the Flat Bed 2 model (both versions), as well as fifth wheel, gooseneck and standard couplings.


Changelog V1.2.0.0
– Added Continental street tire
– Added a new rim model and a dually o option for street tires
– Added Short Chassis option for F350 with two-seater cabin
– Increased brake force
– Added engine option with 680 HP
– Rotation of body couplings has been increased
– Fixed the bug with loading fuel from the Service Body
– Real beacon lights added
– Optional chrome headlight in the 2010 version corrected


Agro Tonho

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roughneck modding crew
roughneck modding crew
2 days ago

cool mod

Steve Brown
Steve Brown
6 months ago

Please give us a standard truck bed to haul grains in for animals that dump in your monster truck… that would be great !!!!! thanks love your work!!!! best mods out there….

11 months ago

Ic passeng er D

1 year ago

does anyone know how you refuel vehicles from this 1 i have the service body and 2 i have put fuel in it before anyone asks i just cant find a refuel trigger

1 year ago

cant seem to get the fuel out of the tank I can fill it but not refuel from it
how do you ?

1 year ago

nice mod for role-plays

1 year ago

FS22, Windows 10 pc. Can not attach bins to truck. Tried all bins. Not one gives option to attach. Help please.

1 year ago

cool mod

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