Entering the market in 1996, the Lexion 400 series was a milestone in combine design for CLAAS and, rebuilt from the ground up, served as a fantastic machine to compete in not only the European market, but the North American market as well. The Lexion 400 series was the first venture CLAAS made into North America, partnering with Caterpillar’s agriculture department to distribute Lexions under a yellow and black paint scheme starting in 1999. The Caterpillar Lexions carried a lot of similarities, but also contrasted with their Caterpillar engines and prominent color and logo styling. This joint venture between CLAAS and Caterpillar led to the long-standing presence of CLAAS machines in North America that continues to the present day.

One of the leading features of the Lexions was the Accelerated Pre-Seperation (APS) seperating system, with the introduction of an additional cylinder prior to the threshing cylinder that seperated the grain more efficiently and at a higher quality. While APS was standardized with the Dominator and Mega combine lines, the Lexion took it one step further by introducing the APS HYBRID, which combined the APS cylinder and usual straw walkers with two rotary drums at the rear for maximum threshing efficiency. These new Lexions were not only gentle and productive in small grains, but maintained great capacity and introduced additional conveniences of a rotary system. APS HYBRID, an industry-leading unloading rate, the longest feederhouse on the market for enhanced visibility, the Mobil-Trac flotation track system built on over 15 years of Challenger drive belt design, and well-managed power output made these combines some of the best in the business entering the 21st century.

This is the Caterpillar Lexion 400 series, an edit of the CLAAS Lexion 400 on the ModHub edited and customized in collaboration with AT Farms and released with permission from EED123’s 3D Corner. What started as simple decal edits turned into a fun project to represent a part of Caterpillar’s brief agricultural history.

Engine Models
– Lexion 450
– Lexion 460/465
– Lexion 470/475
– Lexion 480/485

Header Models
– G25 and G30 Platform Heads
– 630, 830, and 1230 Corn Heads

Wheel Configurations
– Michelin: Standard, Wide, Duals, Mobil-Trac
– Firestone: Duals
> All Michelin tire options have a bar tread tire or standard tread tire

General Configurations
– Model Year
– Extra Lights
– 2-Way Radio
– Rear Guard
– Grain Tank
– GPS (if mod is enabled)

Interactive Control Animations
– Cab ladder
– Door
– Rear Flashers
– Service Ladder
– Right Window
– Engine
– All Lights
– Pipe
– Fold/Unfold Harvester
– Turn on combine
– Turn on header (Combine XP compatible)


EED123: Original Lexion mod
AT Farms: Collaboration, options, warning decals
Tired Iron Modding: Corn heads
Casearias Modding: Firestone duals, hopper extension
Custom Modding: Firestone rears
Siid Modding: Maurer extension

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