KSK-100A V1.0

KSK-100A V1.0

KSK-100 is a Soviet self-propelled forage harvester produced at Gomselmash from 1977 to the early 90s. The most common forage harvester in the USSR in the 80s.
Designed for mowing grass, corn and other ensiled crops with simultaneous chopping and loading into vehicles, as well as picking up swaths.


In 1986, the harvester was modernized and modifications of the KSK-100A and KSK-100A-1 appeared. The latter had a cross-country undercarriage and a lockable drive axle, due to which it provides high-quality harvesting of crops on waterlogged peat-bog soils, and the track depth is 2 times less than that of the KSK-100A. Then KSK-100A-2 and KSK-100A-3 were created, as well as modifications equipped with a drum header with a working width of 3 m for harvesting corn and other coarse crops: KSK-100A-B, KSK-100A-B-2, KSK -100A-B-3.

Harvesters: KCK-100A, KCK-100A-1, KCK-100A-2, KCK-100A-3
Harvesters: KIS – 06B, KIS – 02B, KIS – 09A
– The choice of tires;
– Choice of main color, design, grilles, shields, decals;
– Choice of handlebars, decals, extra lights, equipment for adding additives to silage, fenders, shields, mirrors, air filter, exhaust pipe, battery box, number selection;
– Supports Simple IC;
– Support for moreConfiguration script;
– Rust support;
– The log is clean.



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