SK-5 NIVA PACK V1.0.0.7


SK-5 “Niva” – is a brand of self-propelled wheeled combine harvester produced in the USSR by the “Rostselmash» since 1971.

Manufacturer: Rostselmash
Model: SK-5 “Niva”, ZHZE-4, ZHZE-5, PSP-1.5, PPK-4, Cutter trailer
Max. power: 120 hp
Max. speed: 25 kph
Capacity: 3000l
Max. working speed: 10 kph
Working width: 4m, 5m, 4.2m, 3m

Color configuration:
– Main color (combine, cutter)
– Cab color (combine)
– Complementary color (cutter)
– Label color (combine, cutter)
– Rim color

Configuration parts:
– Equipment selection: standard, chopper PUN-5, stacker 54-8B (combine)
– Windows lattice (combine)
– Trailer selection (combine)
– Shields (combine, cutter)
– Year selection (combine)
– Number selection (combine)
– Reel selection (cutter ZHZE-4, ZHZE-5)
– Extensions selection (cutter ZHZE-4, ZHZE-5)


– Added wheels/tracks and rear axle selection;
– Added new-style half-track;
– Other improvements/changes/fixes;

What edits were made❓
– Added modifications of the combine from different years;
– Added headers ZhKS-4.1 and ZhKS-5;
– Added straw chopper ISN-2B “Tornado”;
– Added additional colors to the palette (16th material);
– Other improvements/changes/fixes.

– Changed power of combine (120hp);
– Changed fuel consumption by 27.5 l / h (195 g / hp h.);
– Changed capacity and weight of bale 9m³ (430kg);
– Added header ZhVN-6 (Requires FS22_SwathingAddon);
– Changed header ZhZE-4 Swath Picker (Requires FS22_SwathingAddon. Standard straw is not picked up!);
– Added interactive control (Requires FS22_interactiveControl);
– Correction of minor errors; (fix)
– Changed model of tracks;
– Fixed picker (pickup did not copy terrain);
– Added pickup lift function (for transportation);

– Added tracks (instead of the front wheels);
– Improved appearance of silo bunker;
– Changed power of combine (SMD-17K 100hp);
– Added beacon configuration on the roof;
– Added passenger seats (requires Kubota DLC);
– Added swath picker (convert straw into wheat);

– Fixed bale bug (tension belts did not fit bale);
– Added stripping header Rostselmash OKD-4;
– Added trailer with a capacity of 45 m3;
– Bottom arm color configuration added on combine;
– Improved engine texture (normal map);
– Engine is painted in the main color of combine;
– Door is animated on combine;
– A few more minor changes;

– Added a second stacker that works as a baler (a stack with a capacity of 7000l can be unloaded without stopping the combine);
– Horse power of the combine has been changed to a more real one;
– Changed textures ambient occlusion;
– Improved driver animation;
– Added animation of toggle switches on the dashboard;
– Other changes and fixes;

– Added a working stacker;
The Stacker works on the same principle as the pipe PUN-5, i.e., is bought separately in the store, attaches to the combine and collects the straw dumped by the combine. (due to the peculiarities of the implementation, straw simply lying on the ground is also selected).


FarmAndrei, AVSR, LSSA Modding Team – FS 17Average Enjoyer – convert to FS 22.

4.9/5 - (18 votes)

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3 months ago

The combines wont unload the grain automatically.

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