Euromach R1055F V2.1


The R1055 Forester excavator was born from Euromach’s forty years of experience in construction of articulated excavators.

Price: 500.000$
Engine: Deutz 3600 cc 105 Kw (142 Hp) version Stage V with FAP + SCR and AdBlue.
Max Speed: 20 Km/h

In Forestry equipment category you’ll find these usable tools:

Rototilt 380 quick coupling. It matches with the standard bucket.
Standard bucket. It can stand alone or can be used with Rototilt 380.
Rostrum equipped with logs grab.
Rostrum equipped with harvester head.


Fix leg problem
New bucket

Version 2.0

Steering updated.
Wear and dirt mask included.
Bucket updated.
Rostrum for logs updated.
Rostrum for head harvester updated.

Version 1.1
Data updated

FS22_R1055F -> each leg move independently of others.
FS22_R1055FS -> the two front legs move independently of the two rear ones.



4.2/5 - (17 votes)

Download mod

File File size
zip FS22_R1055F 42 MB
zip FS22_R1055FS 40 MB

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1 hour ago

Könntest du für den auch normale pratzen machen weißt du die zwei großen Räder und die zwei kleinen demontierbaren Räder?

8 days ago

I waited so long for a mod like this. Thank you, its so amazing. It would be nice to get a connector pice so you can connect other attachments like forks or hooks wich are already in the base game.

20 days ago

Hey its great to see that you are still working on this projekt. but there is a problem with the right arm in groupindex 4 it is not lowering only a bit but if you pull it up it is overrotating in the cabin.

Reply to  sget29
12 days ago

I have fixed the problem with the right leg. Let me know if it’s all ok. Thanks.

3 months ago

Hi everybody,

I thank all you for your support. I hope with this update to have improved my work. Your comments are very important to us. See you.

4 months ago

hey i love that mod, it only have 2 problems, the steering of the wheels make no sense wen i want to play with joysticks, but i could fix it. my bigger problem is that the buckets are extremly hart to fillup and even harder to empty i need to turn the bucket with the rototilt like crazy and maybe its working some how and the standard bucket is impossible to empty, i would love it wenn these bugs would get fix somehow. but now to the good things. i playd now a few hours with the euromach and i need to say that the harvesterhead and the mulcher are perfect working and also wenn you have the steering programmed as you like and you have joysticks it is extremly fun to play.

8 months ago

Dann kann man sich den Gelände aber ja nicht mehr so gut anpassen. Es wäre gut wenn es 2 Versionen gäbe eimal die mit vereifachter Steuerung und einmal die mit realistischer Steuerung

8 months ago

J’espère qu’il y aura plus de euromach celles qui serai bien se serai la r45 Forester et la r25

9 months ago

THIS THING IS AWESOME.. BUT.. ITS A PITA!! its almost too realistic, If your playing with a controller, dont bother with this thing. This is for hardcore FS22 PLAYERS WITH JOYSTICKS, IMO. yOU CAN use it with key and or controller, but its got so many MODES, you need too switch threw to get too operate each thing you need too move/use.. OTHERWISE, ITS AWESOME. cOOL TOO PLAY WITH IF YOUR BORED..

Reply to  justinjeepcobra
9 months ago

If you have an email I can send you the same MOD but simplified.

Reply to  ELmodding
9 months ago

The new version of R1055F just uploaded has less control groups, just two instead of four. To simplify the movement of lower part, the front and rear legs and the two paws now move together.

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