JOHN DEERE 437D V1.0.0.1

John Deere 437D Delimber V1.0

With this machine you can remove tree branches from trees you cut down by feller buncher or chainsaw.
– Just grab bottom of tree to your claws and put it into the delimber. Then close delimber’s claws and run the tree throw delimber by moving/rotating your arm.
– When delimbed, you can cut tree to specified length by saw placed on the back of the delimber.
– Recommended trees size to be process: max 25m
– It only delimbs when claws are closed
– Current length of tree to be cut is displayed in F1 menu and on inside display
– You can enable automatic grab head rotation when delimbing (useful when using combination of keyboard and mouse for controls instead of two joysticks)
– All controls can be set in your controls settings

Price: 325000 €
Power: 280 HP
Max. reach: 10 m

KEY_b – turn on saw
KEY_v – turn on / off automatic head rotation

If you find any errors or issues, let me know in comment or to [email protected] and i will fix it in next version.


kenny456, JDL Logging

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3 months ago

IMHO, These things are awesome, and realistic.. Buta PITA In the game. and they were tippy’ last time i try.. only cool thingis you can grab a dolly, and tow it behind your logtrailer up too a site and savea trip of traying too haul some slow proscessor on tracks at 4mph..

1 year ago

Is this on Console or just PC? I can’t find a KnuckleBoom with a delimber on console.

1 year ago

Well, very realistic tool. Good work.

Andy Davidson
Andy Davidson
2 years ago

hi there this is Andy Davidson here. I do play the farming simulator 22 as well too. But there is one thing i was wondering if you could build them for me? want the yard wood in faster. such as like John Deere grapple skidders or Cable skidders. There are a lot of different grapple skidders and so many different type cable skidders. That’s all i really want. i cannot build them because i don’t have the program to do it. so i am asking you if you could do it. make things easier faster then using the porters. If you can do that thanks. Oh if you need to contact me? it is ([email protected]) or you can contact me on steam. Super Mechagodzilla or can’t find it then godzilla1096192 on steam. If that is not too much trouble? Thank you again if you do.

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