LIEBHERR LR 1600/2 V1.1

LIEBHERR LR 1600/2 V1.0

This is the initial release for the Liebherr LR 1600/2 for Farming Simulator 22.

Known issues:
-it will slowly rotate as you add more components and weight to it.
– If you put too much weight on any hook, the top where it attaches will start to wobble. Just detach the load, and attach a bigger, heavier hook for now. This is due to FS physics that are based on the mass of a component and not the material properties.

Some of the Features:
-Standard and -W version
-realistic assembled
-realistic self assembly
-IC controlled cab transport/raise for hook visibility
-working assembly supports
-attachable tracks (for self assembly version)
-attachable ballast supports
-attachable ballast
-liftable by crane
-configurable colors (superstructure, track frame, etc)
-addable mechanical stabilizer legs

D lattice
-configurable colors (base/end, middle sections
-configurable length (30m or 36m)
-unfold to show selected boom

Main Lattice
-configurable colors (base/end, WA sections, middle sections)
-configurable for lattice options (S, SL, SF, SLF, SW, SWF)
-S lattice length
-Ll lattice length
-F lattice length
-SL lattice length
-IC pulley set selection (300t, 320t, or both depending on end)
-IC setup of pull rods (support rods used to distribute lifting force)
-configurable number of lines (maybe IC, more lines the slower the hook moves)
-unfold to show boom that was selected

-configurable colors
-configurable for self assembly or assembled
-configurable weight
-configurable number of lines (must match crane boom)
-lift straps

-Individual 10t ballast
-pirchasable ballast sets (crawler section, superstructure, derrick, ballast wagon)
-configurable colors (main and secondary)
-attach to each other

Derrick Ballast Frame
-configurable color
-detachable center section for variable ballast
-foldable for transport

Ballast Wagon
-assembled or self assembled
-configurable color (wheels, main)
-variable radius
-rotating wheel sections
-Lift/lower stabilizer legs


Updates with v1.1.0.0:
– integrated wire rope into main crane so heavy lifts do not make hook bounce
– added lift planning excel in zip folder (to give an idea of how much ballast is needed)
– added a few more lights to the superstructure and lights to the boom
– adjusted wheels to help with steering -W version
– Added IC addable ballast weights to all ballast consoles, ballast trays and Ballast Wagon.
– Added attachable/Transportable lattice sections (role play only as they will not support weight of a lift)
– Minor adjustments and changes


3D modeling and ingaming: JrbrownOverland
Initial Model for Ballast Wagon: Capt Banana Man
Testing: Bailey Hasler

4.5/5 - (12 votes)

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zip FS22_LiebherrLR1600_2 242 MB

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1 month ago

My crane is always flying if I lift something

2 months ago

it needs #s on the parts.. in order, so people know #1, #2, its bad enuff gotta spend hours trying to find the hook on ic points… too realistic.. lotta time wasted trying too build it, instead of use it.. too reall for FS22 lol

11 months ago

i cant get the crane house to rotate the track want to rotate instead

11 months ago

Bonjour comment avoir les bouton d’action sur le corp de la grue ?

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