Old Glory for Crane V1.0

Old Glory for Crane2

Flags for Crane – 3 Different style flags for deco on to be Lifted Via Crane, 1 Large Flag with lift straps/ 1 Medium Flag for Jbrown’s Wind Tower Lift Tool in his Windmill pack/ and a small flag that is attached to a chain from a hook and can be then used to attach to another item, ( due to FS physics when lifting things if you use to lift something heavy over 1-2 tons it will get wobbly so I recommend to use just for decoration that’s what I intended for it to be. Happy July 4th

To make this Mod easier and come out quicker If you’d like a Flag put in just find a texture of a flag (modders will know how) and change the texture of the flags albedo map!

I have other thing’s I’m focusing on but this will get an update eventually and improvements!


Coldfire Rigging

Download mod

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zip FS22_CraneFlag 1 MB

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