BOMET COMA U757/1 V1.0

BOMET COMA U757/1 V1.0

The Coma cultivating unit is designed to prepare the soil for sowing in a single pass.
The unit can be used for crushing clods, destroying corrupted soils and destroying weeds and mixing mineral fertilisers into the soil.
For easier transport, it is also equipped with a hydraulic system that allows the side arms to be folded down.

*For heavier, waterlogged soils where there are a large number of clods, a front roller is recommended to break them up and break them down*

Price: $8500
Working width: 3.6m
Working speed: 15 kph
Power requirement: 88 HP
– Front roller configuration (yes/no)
– Colour configuration


JMZ, ScaauttE39

Download mod

File File size
zip FS22_BometComa 10 MB

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