LIZARD TP 520 AND TP 520 R V1.0

LIZARD TP 520 AND TP 520 R V1.0

Known as a current harrow in the common medium or a covering harrow, the TP520 model has the functions of cultivating the soil, breaking clods and at the same time
cover seeds in broadcast planting. It can be transported in drag mode or by means of a hydraulic winch (at the discretion of the user and the availability of equipment).
There are two similar models in play, but each with a different function, the TP520 (cultivator/disc harrow function) and the TP520 R (roller function).

Price: 4.200 $
Power: 90 HP
Working Width: 5.20 meters
– Main color configuration
Working speed: 20 km/h

-The model is ready for direct use, without having to unfold or lower the implement. It has transport mode that can be activated by the central mouse button or by the LB+RB+L buttons (left/right).
Transport to the fields can be done with the harrow in working mode or with active transport using an implement that has a hitch for bigBags (the same hitch for bigBags in the base game).
The working mode is continuously active and the maximum transport and working speed is 20km/h, thus matching the real model.


Holzs FS

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