Modhub Cutters Pack With Automatic Trailers V1.0

Modhub Cutters Pack With Automatic Trailers

The cutters automatically management the trailer for transport. The trailer for transport will be available for the cutter always and in any place of the map when the cutter is detached from the harvesters.

REMEMBER: the header trailer appears only after detaching the cutter from the harvesters.

The modification was created with the consent of DD ModPassion. this modification is not a copy that was released by DD ModPassion, this modification contains all the headers that were placed on ModHub, it does not have headers from the base game, so it is best to use it together with the DD ModPassion modification to get the best effect from the game.

The modifications include:
– CNH Flex-Drapper Series (by Casearias)
– John Deere 627C (by Agro Tonho)
– John Deere HD35F/ HD40F/ HD45F/ HD50F /HD62F Articulated (by Agro Tonho)
– New Holland Superflex And Case IH Terraflex Pack (by Agro Tonho)
– Capello Quasar Pack (by Aliphei)
– Honey Bee AirFLEX Series (by Custom Modding)
– John Deere FD600 Series (by Custom Modding)
– John Deere FD700 Series (by Custom Modding)
– John Deere 608C/708C (by STX Farms)
– Claas Vario Pack (by Młody98)
– Rostelmash Argus 870 (by Baki)
– Stark Industries SCT 635 B (by Baki)
– CLAAS CONVIO FLEX Pack (by Gefd25)
– Claas Corio Pack (by Hispano)
– New Holland Varifeed 30 (by STv-Modding)
– Green System PA Series (by Farm Centro Sul)
– Jan Supra 8800 19×45 (by Jan)
– John Deere Corn Headers (by SiiD Modding)
– Zürn Profi Cut 610 (by Dorsoduro)

the size of the modification is due to the fact that it contains all the available ones in



Download mod

File File size
zip FS22_Modhub_cutters_pack 688 MB

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