KRONE BIG M 500 V1.0

KRONE BIG M 500 V1.0

NOTES: *OFFICIAL* MyGamesteam version of the Krone BiG M 500 for Farming Simulator 22
Several enhancements have been added to the FS22 mod, incl. Exhaust Extension ready, dynamic cloth skirting around mowers + fixes and improvements
New animated elements incl. PTO, electrical and hydraulic hosing on the mowers, new sound scheme for the mower folding/unfolding animations
Only tedder, windrower or balers with a pin or ball hitch will attach to the rear of the BiG M, PTO shaft on some mods may not attach properly
Due to FS22 script limitations, some features were not carried over from the FS19 version

Simple IC (recommended)
Exhaust Extension (optional)

Starting Price: 460,000 $
Diesel Capacity: 900 Litres, DEF Capacity: 70 Litres
Speed: 40 KP/H, Reverse Speed: 20 KP/H
Engine: 520HP/382kW
Working Width: 13.2 m
Working Speed: 20 KP/H
Weight: 21 Tonne

→Several standard + wide tire options
→Multiple color options
→Engine option
→Speed sign option
→EU/US flag option
→PTO extension option
→Diesel capacity option
→US/EU configuration option
→GPS option

Animations on front + rear PTO, drum, engine, ladder, mowers, wipers, turn signal lever, door
Fully animated interior, incl. seat suspension, ignition key, pedal, buddy seat, armrest

Simple IC Functions:
→Battery Storage Compartment (IC Sound)
→Door (IC Sound)
→Armrest (IC Sound)
→Interior Light (IC Sound)
→Buddy Seat (IC Sound)
→Wipers (IC Sound)
→LED Clock (IC Sound)
→Engine Panels (IC Sound)


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Usxi7sd, Sadame, zVoxty, Tempu, Timber 131, Shippy, FS15Nexcraft, Jaison, Dimanix, Manuel Leithner, ifko [nator], Wobster, Zetor6245, PeterAH
Tonymif, GDB, The Lort, Farmerboys Modding, 82Studio, JD_Power, Status Low Modding, Laynlow13, (Modding-Welt, GalaxyLetsPlay, Desperados93TSR
Claasy, Fruktor, SFM, Sven777b, Sven18koehler, 3xitus, Daywalker, Samson locksmiths, Ivek, Arthur W., Shorty by Test Area, Adub Modding
Qwertzuiopüasdfghjklöäyxcvbnm, EtxHdPete, AIERK modification, Leo630 ZockerStube, Sperrgebiet, Modelleicher (LS-Modcompany), GTXM mods
BPG modding, da-Hoffi, Stevie, Smety, iCookie, Osi, BW-LPG, DerBachl, Mr. Deez, Vydka, Becs Modding, No Naim [LSMC], Raptor, Gamemods
DSK-Mods, FM-Modding, Farmer Marc, [LSMT]Stefan, Taz_PolyCount, DickerSauerlaender, Dj Antonis, 01SorryLumpi, mod-scheune

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7 months ago

I have an issue where the left and right wings won’t mow, and when you stop, the grass builds up until it’s over the cab. Once you move with a forage wagon, it will pick it up. Any fixes or updates?

Reply to  TKirkman
6 months ago

Same problem here. No log errors

1 year ago

trash, doesnt turn, digs it self in wen mowers are down.

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