The Operational Equipment is your garage essentials. Lift, move and build your motor with the engine hoist and engine stand. Lift vehicles for oil changes, axle swaps, tire changes and much more with the floor jack. Moving into the garage, the house, or helping a friend out….. grab yourself the hand dolly to make things a bit easier on your back. You will find all equipment listed below in the Vehicles section under the Mafia Mods Operational Equipment category.

Engine Hoist- This 4000 lb. capacity foldable shop crane delivers the lift you need combined with the advantage of compact storage. The crane includes a chain, and hook. Enter this hoist to hook up the motors created by Mafia Mods. Rotate the engine 360 degrees for correct positioning. Enjoy your experience even more with the realistic sounds.

Engine Stand- This 2000 lb. capacity engine stand is perfect for engine repairs that can’t be completed while the engine block is in the vehicle. This engine stand provides a sturdy support structure to secure the engine outside of the vehicle. Use an engine hoist or crane to remove the engine from the vehicle, then mount it to the faceplate on this engine stand.

Floor Jack- This heavy duty 5 Ton Car Jack can help lift a vehicle for service. Lifting the vehicle for some added space. Enter the Floor Jack drive under vehicle to desire location and start pumping.

Hand Dolly- The 600 lb. Capacity Hand Dolly features a beveled toe plate that easily slides under heavy boxes. The durable pneumatic tires easily glide over uneven terrain, while the P-style handle provides a comfortable grip. Enter the dolly turn collision off to drive under object, then turn the collision on, tilt the dolly and strap all your goodies down. Move around your heavy object with no problem!



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