The AK_Farmland is a 4-fold map with 14 large fields and a lot of free buildable area without decoration. The map is located on complete flat land.
A description of the card and a list of my mods are included.
The map will be expanded and improved over time!


Version 1.6.1
Fixed an issue where wheat could not be planted when playing with Season.

Version 1.6
– Fields no longer have to be forced!
– PDA display (needs to be plowed etc.) is displayed correctly.

Version 1.5
large BGA placed – all 3 products can be loaded and transported with the mod “AK-special transport”.
AK_Hotel sales station installed
AK_seed production installed
AK_Fertilizer installed
AK_nursery installed

Updated black market and land trade.

Kalkberg revised – obviously snow textures have crept in there.
Removed crop piles on the road.

Seedling range increased to 1000 – if that’s too much for you, just download the mod: TREE NURSERY and put it in the mod folder, then there are 100.

Version 1.4
Sawmill relocated
new area (fields) created for afforestation
Added 2nd sawmill for the reforestation area – additional farmland
-new palettes for honey
Added warehouse for empty pallets and boards – Many thanks to Achimobil for providing the scripts.
– the inputs of the warehouse are at the output of the sawmills, so the pallets are sent directly to the warehouse.
Since the wood trigger from the first sawmill lies over the entire forest, the area cannot be used after deforestation. Therefore, the 1st sawmill can be sold or demolished after deforestation in order to use the area.

Version 1.31
-Forest was made new

Version 1.3
Sawmill production increased – additional pallet spawer
AK Landhandel installed
5 cold stalls with hay feeding installed – additional buyable farmland
Adjusted forest floor
PDA now has a white background
Landscaping at the pet dealer
-new palettes for flour, sugar, boards and furniture
– Adjusted seed consumption from sugar cane to sugar beets.

Version 1.2
Empty pallets installed
Sawmill now also produces empty pallets
AK black market installed
AK gourmet restaurant installed

– original fill types (weight)
– original pallets
– original day night rhythm
– original plant growth


Giants Software / AK6070

3.5/5 - (17 votes)

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7 months ago

Thank you for sharing. I think this is the smoothest map I can use right now. I wish you continued success. I hope it gets better with time.

7 months ago

After taking the roads outside the field, I cannot plant trees or meadows there. I think the grass planting event is already disabled in this mode. When I buy a machine from the market, it comes out blurry. This map has flaws. It would be great if it is updated soon.

7 months ago

Spent many hours growing and harvesting grains to build up animal production. Using the 16 million litre silo provided. When the time came to use the grain, my tractor (s) could not enter the collection area!!

6 months ago

I got a job in return for a contract. I harvested wheat. but the mission remained at 99%. I think there is a problem with the map. Take and play the harvest task, you will notice the problem.

It would be great if you fix it and increase the number of fields. I wish conveniences. In particular, turn the white empty areas on the map into fields. It looks empty already.

6 months ago

The field layout on the map is really perfect. But as far as I can guess, when using the map, there is a limitation, for example, I cannot plant meadows in empty places. When I want to get a machine on the map, the machines look blurry.

I got a job in return for a contract. But the task remained at 99%. There are too many empty places on the map without fields. It would be better to convert the empty places into fields. Thus, the number of fields increases. I wish you all the best and hope that my requests will be evaluated and updated as soon as possible.

6 months ago

I cannot delete the animal houses added to the map. I think the developer edited the map to play himself.

6 months ago

Thank you to those who contributed. We want more fields on the map. Also, I’d appreciate it if you could take the cow houses off the map. Because everyone can put their own animal where they want. This is a better idea, I think.

6 months ago

In return for a contract, I harvested Canola in field 9. and I went and emptied it. Mission stuck at 99%. The previous version also had this error. I had a complete disappointment. Moreover, I added a double harvest mode to the map, but the mission was not finished. Please fix this error.

6 months ago

The beauty of this map attracts people. But after every update I am still shocked. Because I’m harvesting for a contract, and when the harvest is over, the contract stays at 99%. It would be great if this issue could be fixed and updated. Thank you for your efforts to improve and I wish you success. My English is not good, so I write with translation. I hope what I wrote is understandable.

4 months ago

The task received for the contract while harvesting remains at 99%. There is a problem in the fields. And this problem still persists in version 1.5. Please, correct it.

3 months ago

I know no one comments more than me. However, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t comment. Shout out to the Map Developer.

1- When we buy a machine from the market in the game, the preview of the machine is blurred. Fix this issue.
2- The most important problem is that when I do a harvest job in a field in return for a contract, the contract stays at approximately 99%. If the developer himself plays and sees the game, he will already see these errors. I want this issue fixed too.
3- Remove all incoming cow houses built into the map. Everyone put their own pet house where they want.

I wish conveniences. I hope my suggestions will be taken into consideration as soon as possible.

2 months ago

From Field 09 past Field 10, in the corner of the snow, road seems to be blocked from center to grass on outside edge…I plowed it up and it seems to be in that corner, but not in field 09 or 10…only the roads
and parking beside the fieds

2 months ago

other than that ,I have found no major problems…I like idea of automation and this map works good w/AD and CP for my purposes

3 days ago

In the market, when buying products, all products look blurry. This is not pleasant at all. Also please remove Cow houses from the map.

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