BR-163 MS V1.0.0.1

BR-163 MS V1.0

Map based on a stretch of the BR-163 highway, in the region of the city of Dourados in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul,
adding several characteristics of the region. A region that produces mainly corn and soybeans.

The map has:
-62 buyable lands.
-46 fields + 6 fields with sugar cane.
-2 grain selling points.
-Multiple production points.
-A quarry.
-Animal Dealer.
-Vehicle shop.
-Ten new productions.
-Custom soil map (Precision Farming DLC).
-Point of Sale for Productions (Platinum DLC).
-It also has some extra mods: Farmhouse, silo, silo extension, sheds, water tower, greenhouses, plants and trees.

Some places have opening hours.
Some places can flood when it rains.


-Added modified calendar (by JogaDim).
-Fixed an issue with grass cutting.
-Slightly adjusted LIZARD Transport point of sale prices.
-Fixed the canned food factory that did not accept water.
-Added a new selling point for stones.
-Added five new products: carrots, cabbage and watermelon for the greenhouses, soy milk for the canning factory, pallets.
-Added production of pallets in the sawmill.
-Added a pallet factory.
-Now pallets are needed in productions, pallets can be bought in the shop.
-Some minor texture tweaks.


Zero Oito

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8 months ago

I love the Cow barn and pasture they have. If they’re not already available as a seperate mod, would it be possible to get them as a mod so I can use them on other maps?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x