BURLAKI 2.0 V0.9.9.1

BURLAKI 2.0 V0.9.9

Unlike “Burlaki“, this is a completely different card, the only similarity is in the name.
– 4x card;
– Diverse terrain;
– 57 fields of different sizes;
– 2 settlements;
– 2 career;
– All standard productions, some modified;
– Standard crops + peas, buckwheat and carrots. Equipment for harvesting carrots included;
– Unique traffic;
– 11 private houses and 29 apartments that you can enter;
– Many unique objects;
Two main farms: Repair and tractor workshop and livestock complex;
– Installed benchmark;
– Support for a standard employee;
– Embedded basic courses for AutoDrive;
– Unique state. numbers for both traffic and player;
– Good optimization;
– Ability to completely rebuild farms;
– Test site;
– Various Easter eggs;
– Collectibles;
– Support for separate harvesting of wheat, barley and oats;
– Support for precision farming;
– And much more.


Changes v0.9.9.1:
– Fixed cowshed;
– Fixed trees;
– Fixed silo pits;
– Fixed electric poles;
– Removed carrots, potatoes and sugar beets from contracts;
– Increased the range of drawing objects, now as in the standard map;
– Russified production and points of sale;
– Various fixes and improvements.
It is recommended to start a new career.



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