I present to you a Map inspired by a real village of the same name located in the Lublin region.

You will find there:
-213 farmlands, including 192 arable fields and 17 meadows
-Additional Crops: Rye, Triticale, Green Rye, Clover, Alfalfa
-1 square to build your farm
– Author’s announcements on boards
-A pond where you can fill up with water, next to the school
-Animal Seller
-Fully working PDA
-a variety of purchases, including a working train and the entire logistics system
-pedestrian traffic
-finds, the point is located next to the shop next to the machine shop
-interesting variations in the form of sounds and objects matched to the seasons
-Individual terrain created by me from scratch
-Machine shop
-beautiful views from every place on the map
– gas station located on the way to the Bzite railway station
-Public school where you can take your fruit and vegetable produce
-lime mine located in the central part of the map
-Polish license plates
-Calendar of sowing spring and winter crops
-custom SoilMap from precision farming

and much more 🙂
The map does not have any errors, of course I tested the map without mods on pure farming, if you add anything, sorry, I have no influence on it.
I used buildings from modhub on the map, which will be downloaded automatically after adding the map to the mods folder.
The map does not have a Starting Farm. I made the decision not to add any. This information is for people for whom this aspect ruins the gameplay. I didn’t waste time figuring out how to farm, you don’t have to waste time downloading, fair deal.
I leave it to you to check and see for yourself. I wish you, above all, good fun on the map, a successful and fruitful PLAY, and I would like to thank all PLAYERS for downloading my project.
Thank you from here for every time you download the map, I do not derive any material benefits from it, I will be happy if at least a few people like it, the important thing is that I like it, and sharing it with you is an additional bonus for me.



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1 month ago

Of course. Someone put 110% into a map but decides on no starter farm. HINT, people that are into immersive maps require a starting farm.

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