Welcome to the Deep Countryside map, a map designed on the basis of the fully modified Deep Belgium
You will find 2 cow farms, 1 sheep and goat farms, 1 pig farm, a cuma, 1 winery (red wine and white wine), 2 agricultural cooperative, 2 village,
productions: red wine, white wine, sheep’s cheese (sheep and goat farm), cheese at the dairy, bread at the bakery, flour at the mill, greenhouses of melon, tomato,
red cabbage, salad, pumpkin, carrot, strawberry).
you will also have crops of alfalfa, clover, mustard, spring barley, durum wheat.
Animals: calf, heifer, cow, bull, goat, kid, sheep, ram, lamb, pig, piglets, sow.
the map is not maize plus compatible, not dlc pumps compatible, a version will arrive at the beginning of 2023
You need to buy the save lot and quit then come back for everything to work properly
If necessary a message on Facebook or on the site
mods for the harvesting of carrots and onions below the links of the map


Periods worries for semi carrots onions and fodder peas correct
Ewe and goat milk production concerns correct separation of goats and sheep
Addition of peillet production and grain dryer to the sheep and pig farm
Resumption of the navigation zone of the pigs in the box and corrections of the food plan of the trough
The Uneal cooperative appears on pda
The vegetable cooperative appears on pda
Added goat cheese productions
Resumption of the bga Addition of a hangar and correction of the silos
Addition of 3 pastures 2 for cows and 1 for goats with milk production and milking machine in the Shop category animals
​mod conflicts I can’t do anything the map has been tested with more than 150 mods on 2 different servers


Coco rico modding

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