Welcome to Chipping Norton a fictional map based on a popular location in the English Cotswolds
crop calender based from England
3 farms
1 cattleshed and 1 cattle pasture
2 sheep pastures
large industrial estate filled with factories
contracts installed into the map
large quarry that can be dug out
large logging forest with 2 build parking areas
custom farmshop and custom farm restaurant
large building area avaible for purchase
custom production factory containing 3 production points
66 fields and meadows
no sleep trigger installed into the map allowing you to place your own and live at any house on the whole map
if you install the Lamborghini R6 250 it’ll show up as starting equipment
A special thankyou to AlienJim for once again allowing me to use his parked vehicle mod
And a special thankyou to DJ Goham for his support and advice while making this map


FS Landscaping

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10 days ago

Just out of curiosity, how close is this to Jezza’s real farm and the surrounding area? Honestly, it was one of the first maps i looked for when i got ’22, and didnt find it until now, so im really hyped to jump in. Hope it’s as close as possible to the real thing. Gonna kick back and have myself a Hawkstone while i make some batches in-game IoI

Mike Carroll (Grandad525)
Mike Carroll (Grandad525)
1 month ago

Im an oldun in his 78th year and I love playing FS. On XB since 2012 (Pressie from Grandkids when I did my back in) I moved from shooters to FS about 2019 starting with FS17 moving to 19 then 22. I can and do put in up to 10 hrs a day depending on how good the map is. I find it very absorbing and creative. Its good for the brain. I drop back to 17 and 19 quite a lot due to the few Uk/Irish maps available on 22 and the same old same old rehashes that keep popping up
Whilst I marvel at the skills in the process of making these maps by the modders (something for which I would not have the patience for or the skills)

It puzzles me when having progressed a long way in technics still dont allow for making gaps in walls and hedges. Especially accessing field off main roads and removal of things that the player in most instances is allowed to do on other maps thus giving that 17/19 restrictive feel. Piles of brick rubble on some maps and garbage in many instances cannot be removed which puts my OCD into overdrive.
Is it possible lay on piped water. why a pond??? and a tanker? Its very 1940s.
Our farm had a water tank dividing every field in the 1950s self fed with ball valve control. I know some in game pens have water insitu. Just a thought.

Chipping Norton for me is a lovely big map with varying field sizes which allow for plenty of scope in the game play. For me textures and light appear really good.
Peace and Gravy.

2 months ago

I live in Chipping Norton in real life.

2 months ago

No Lamborghini showing up for me. I have it installed and activated.

mike wilson
mike wilson
3 months ago

are there plans to finish off the map, great map just looks unfinished in places

FS Landscaping
FS Landscaping
Reply to  mike wilson
1 month ago

Like where abouts do you feel is unfinished?

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