– Converted most elements for use in FS22.
– Added Sugar Mill, Oil Plant, GSI’s Corn Dryer, Potato Factory, spinnery and tailor shop
– Added new filltypes and products
– All buildings/silos and deco in Farm areas are sellable.
– 2 Working Train Systems (beware due to map size waiting times are longer when renting although I have increased the speed of the train)

I must add that I am not a experienced map creator and there may be some issues which I haven’t found given I am a one man show. I will do my best to fix them if they’re found and I do plan on further developing it.


Original map by Kastor/ANDYsMODDING – adapted by geeman72

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zip FS22_cornbelt 2 GB

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2 months ago

cant figure out a sell point for peas

2 months ago

I like the size of the map and the price of the fields, but more work needs to be done on the scenery side of things, and get rid of the palm trees, set up a basic autodrive course, nice go at your first attempt at a map, if more work is done to it, will def consider playing on it, but for now, there is a lot more work to be finished on it

2 months ago

Hey, I like this map but look at trains functionality. My train goes to nowhere instead of MV to sell my grain. I rather drive him back. Second – once I purchased Grain mill I see sooo huge factory produces volume of goods as same as small mills…bakery too. Logically, there must be difference small vs big Make them industrial corresponding to harvests from huge fields.😉 and agree with CriMiNaL – map can get more attractive

2 months ago

…and now there´s no where to sell grains at all after I bought Grain Mill and trains do not work 😉

Last edited 2 months ago by jamalalicha
1 month ago

Guessing that you don’t know that much about the Corn Belt. Temperatures go down to negative numbers in the winter. So, all those tropical palm trees you have on the map would not survive. It’s a good map, I like it. Took me hours to edit all the palm trees out. I have a realistic map of the Corn Belt now. Thanks..

20 days ago

First of all, I want to thank you very much for this map. I love a giant map and I love to build a decent auto drive grid myself!
Here are some observations:

  • When trying to sell crops at the Mall-Sellpoints certain truck-trailers don’t work, as the Sell Point is above ground level. Tip trailers work, Auger wagons work
  • The 4 Malls should have more specific names, so they
  • The grain mill sell trigger is slightly elevated, so that all vanilla Mack trucks get stuck on it
  • When driving from Field 5 to Field 2 (just as an example) you have to cross the railroad, but there is no crossing built in
  • Railroad crossings without rails at 4902,476 and 4178,707 should be removed
  • When driving alongside the south road (e.g. from the village in the south east to the grain mill), there are some railroad crossings beside the road that shouldn’t be there
  • I would appreciate if you could add “HOPS” to the filltypes.xml for TRAINWAGON
  • If you accept a harvest job for Hops and rent the vehicles, the harvester is delivered with a standard header, but hops requires a corn header
  • The Grain Store at 4033,3545 has gates to open, but when opening them, you look at yet another gate that can’t be opened
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