Hi ya’all my name is Tofo69. I decided the other day to check out a map I used to play and love, it is called Countyline. But when I loaded it up all I saw was white squares in the terrain. I thought o no the terrain has gone south, So I decided to take my empty multi fruit map and take on the challenge. I exported old map and Imported into new map fixing shaders where I could and fix what seemed to be a ton of errors. But finally I have done it. Here is CountyLine Multi 4X. I have tested it with tons of mods and had not issues. Also I have replaced all those old trees with the new ones. This gives the tree change seasons which I always thought was lacking. If the original authors KS Mapping, DrtyDiesel Modding, geeman72 wish to take this map as a foundation to keep up their great work than fell free. Keep your rowz straight and your seed counts High peace.


V1.0.0.4 ** Final Edit **
These Fixes will require a new SaveGame to
be able to see the updates in Game.
Because shape size has gotten bigger than 396 giants
says consol players may have problems.
Placeable Map Buildings, Can now Be sold if you own property.
Regenerated IndoorMask So Snow will now appear correct for map.
Fixed Pallet Spawn at Oil Plant For Lavender Oil
Fixed Train Spline hook on map entry.
Added More pedestrian splines.
Added More Lights.
removed grass that was under water in ponds and painted mud and bushes
Detailed roads with gravel_grass texture.
Adjusted Height of all Sound Spheres.

These Fixes will require a new SaveGame to
be able to see the updates in Game.

Because shape size has gotten bigger than 396 giants
says consol players may have problems.
I am working now on getting that down.

Fixed Train after breaking it last update it was kinda odd
I tried to add double train and I got lua errors so, I went
back to single train everything is working again.

Have fixed cutter effects Hops, and Lavender are cut
by Forage Harvestors now.

The large fields around Hillside potato are now fixed.
No more tabs on corners which where caused by Old Version
like FS19 version stuff lol.
Added pedestrian splines now there are people walken about.

I have started in trying to lower map shape size so
some of the old FS19 structure will be replaced.
with FS22 imported from main game.

Have removed beans and peas from map because of comment.
about this is not farmers market simulator, I thought.
that having choices of what to plant might be more
appealing but guess not.
peace out.

Added Sound Back into Map.
Added FS22 Lighting back into all areas of Map.

These Fixes will require a new Save Game to be able to see the updates in Game.

Adjusted some trees that hover hehe.
There is now Four Forestry Areas For those Farmers
with the sharp front Teeth.
Smoothed some areas and added back in gravel Road by
field 11 to match PDA.

These Fixes will require a new SaveGame to be able to
see the updates in Game.
Fixed Bales texture directions
Fixed Parked Cars not in Parking Zones
Fixed Collision on Mall Sell Area
Fix Lightiong Log errors
Added Missing Sell Items
All Side Roads off of main roads are GRAVEL
All city areas that have parking are now asphalt
Forage Harvestor can now Harvest Hops
Added Sell Station Markers
Fix Train Sell Drop Area So you are droped on Play Area


KS Mapping, DrtyDiesel Modding, geeman72, Tofo69

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zip FS22_CountyLineMulti 2 GB

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18 days ago

great map – but the train does not arrive when rented.

19 days ago

when i load the map i cant move any help

Reply to  trey
18 days ago

I have the same problem. I deleted until a fix is found. im sure its a problem between the map and one of the mods I have active, I just dont want to go and turn off and on all my mods one by one till i find the culprit lol

19 days ago

Tofo69~ I am seriously enjoying this map, thank you.

A small request if possible… There are limited areas for those of us that want to start from scratch.. 500,000.
The small area for sale to the left of field 36 is perfect but
the house, hormann buildings, and small white decorative shed, I cannot remove them. I’ve been in giants editor multiple times, I delete, reload and they re-appear.

The one animal shed we can sell but the others seem baked in the map?

24 days ago

Awesome, Great map, Glad someone is still updating

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