Welcome to the Edgewater Saskatchewan Map. Showcasing some of the unique aspects of farming in Saskatchewan Canada. Working around sloughs, ditches and trees are a day to day task on the map… Ditching may be an investment for your farm, which will allow you to open up the fields, and expand your acres! Snow is no joke, so be careful, roads are slick, dont get stuck!

– 7 Farms to choose from (One being a cow farm)
– 53 Fields with unique field shapes
– Over 10 sell points
– 3 New Crops: Flax, Lentils, and Peas
– Swathable Crops: Wheat, Barley, Oats, Flax and Canola (Requires the pickup header pack to harvest and provides a 20% yield bonus over standard harvest techniques)
– Custom Coop used to purchase seeds, fertilizers, Herbicides, and Lime
– Custom train and traffic vehicles
– Custom Water Source with 3 locations around the map
– Flax Bales and custom TMR mixture, grain can be used in the feed mixture
– Custom precision farming map
– Custom crop calendar and weather, tons of snow falls during winter


-Fixed snow mask around Edgewater grain
-Fixed floating objects
-Fixed field 31 field dimensions near map border
-Fixed water plane collision
-Fixed broken train spline
-Fixed collisions on grain complex
-Fixed manure at cow farm
-Fixed conflicts with Göweil DLC

-Adjusted train car and elevator capacity
-Adjusted new crops for improved appearance
-Adjusted lentil yield to balance income
-Adjusted bale sell point location at feedlot

-Added additional ground paint types
-Added Green Feed Oats for baling, turns to grass when mowed for easier bale management
-Added new swather converter to eliminate grass issues while swathing
-Added precision farming update to new crops


South Sask Modding, BcBuhler Farms

3.9/5 - (16 votes)

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11 months ago

The solid fertilizer shed won’t sell fertilizer / can’t buy if its intended to be like the chemical or seed plants. current version as of 24-June-2023 on PS4 . The fertilizer shed you can drag the fertilizer / lime spreader under the spout and nothing comes out. have about 100 hours into the map at ‘hard’ level. Season 4. The sawmill accepts only so much wood until its apparently full ( not purchased ) , about 1.2 Hrs of Spruce harvesting in adjacent field with the Sorpion King tree harvester. wouldn’t be enough to pay off the 1st hour lease on the more expensive in game tree harvesters. How much of this is intentional I have no idea. Yes, I am a Saskatchewan farm boy grew up operating swathers on the mixed farm. even used swathers for mowing grass . I find it odd that the swath pickup needs so much power to operate . We used them on a New Holland model 990 combine. doubt it was more than 120HP out of that Ford inline 6 gas motor. With the newer Gleaner combine in the 90’s we did double swath P/U with lots of room for movement on the P/U.

Reply to  Blair
5 months ago

This probably doesn’t help you at all but for troubleshooting purposes I’ll confirm that the fertilizer/lime shed works fine on Xbox Series X, using my own purchased spreader, and also using a truck.

Sawmill issue is due to it being a production rather than a bulk sell point.

aaron mcdaniel
aaron mcdaniel
1 year ago

cow barn wont produce milk.

Reply to  aaron mcdaniel
8 months ago

i had that problem and it was maize plus causing it for me

1 year ago

It won’t download for some reason??

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