Bonjour dear friends of LS 22,
here now from me a rebuild of the Haut-Beyleron incl. numerous extensions.
And here now some data, what was changed or rebuilt.
* Extended farm with large cowshed incl. automatic feeder and manure heap superstructure, large pigsty, large sheep pen, large chicken coop, large horse stable, three large greenhouses incl. additional tanks, large mule silo NL16-22-16000 Multifrucht, large truck scale, large fuel tank, large driving silo, workshop, two shelters with back wall, large hall, shelter with solar roof, bulk material hall, Kärcher.
* Vineyard at the abandoned winery incl. finished grape vines and purchased plot.
* Tailor’s shop as additional production building directly next to the spinning mill.
* Sugar factory as an additional production building.
* Oil mill as an additional production building.
* Muesli factory as additional production building.
* Restaurant as additional sales point for harvest and production goods at the nearby lake.
* Pizzeria as additional sales point for harvest and production goods at the nearby lake.
* Fast food restaurant as an additional point of sale for crops and produce.
* Farm silo converted to multi-fruit incl. bale trigger.
* Small plough.
* Ball trigger for the three storage bunkers of the feeding robot (cow shed).
* And anything else I forgot to mention 😉

Explanation of the two multi-fruit silos:
Practically everything can be stored here that can also be loaded by trailer and in detail would be the following:
Wheat, barley, oats, rape, millet, sunflowers, soybeans, maize, potatoes, sugar beet, sugar beet pulp, sugar cane, olives, grapes, mixed feed, fodder, mineral feed, chaff, wood chips, silage, poplars, grass, hay, straw, manure, pig feed, seed, fertiliser, lime, road salt, snow, stones.
Both multi-fruit silos have a bale trigger for silage, hay, grass and straw.
And now I wish you as much fun and joy on the new Ferme-Beyleron as I have.


Version 2.2 Multifruit
* Added lavender, hops, poppy, onion, carrot and alfalfa as a new fruit.
* Added North-West industrial area. Access is between the wine and food factory by an old wooden bridge that crosses a small gorge.
* Added Brewery & Distillery as a new production and produces Whisky, Barley, Rye and Wheat Beer as new products.
* Added malting as a new production and produces barley, rye and wheat malt as new products.
* Added Excipients Fabrique as a new production and produces yeast and silage additives as new products.
* Added molasses as a new product in the sugar factory.
* Added Lavender Oil as a new product in the Oil Mill.
* Recipe changes at the bakery. Bread, cakes, cheese and chocolate cakes now require yeast as a new ingredient.
* Adjusted Precision Farming so that the variable seed strength is supported for all additional fruit types and is therefore completely Precision Farming-ready. Be sure to follow the enclosed instructions for this.
*The new products, whiskey, barley beer, rye beer, wheat beer, barley malt, rye malt, wheat malt, yeast, ensiling agents, molasses and lavender oil can be sold at the known sales outlets or the corresponding productions can be supplied.
* PDA map updated.
* Cheese factory renamed dairy.

Version 2.1 Multifruit
* Added biodiesel production. The recipe does not correspond to reality, as otherwise the production of biodiesel would not pay off. The rapeseed or soy cake resulting from the production in reality was replaced by pig feed and mixed rations for the LS.
* Added curd as a new production in the cheese factory.
* Cheesecake was added as a new production at the Bakery and requires, among other things, the new Quark product.
* Chocolate Cake has been added as a new production at the Bakery.
* Chocolate Muesli has been added as a new production at the Muesli Factory.
*Cheesecake, chocolate cake and chocolate muesli can be sold at pizzeria, restaurant, fast food restaurant and shop – Le Jardin des Fermiers. The quark can also be sold at the bakery in addition to the sales stations mentioned above.
* Vineyard and Olive Farm turned into Fields so they are ready for Precision Farming. The field numbers were intentionally not included – but attached to them so that you don’t have to rename numerous fields in the AD courses.
* Increased production cycles of some productions.
* PDA map updated.
* Bug fix for misplaced streetlights in courtyard and extended courtyard area.
* Bugfix: GCHB Granary is available again as a sell point.

Version 2.0 Multifruit
Update Notes:
* Added Rye, Spelled, Millet and Triticale as a multifruit.
* Painting and selling can now also be carried out at the farm workshop.
* Millet, Rye, Spelled, and Triticale Flour have been added to the Grain Mill as new productions.
* Rye, Spelled and Triticale seeds have been added as new productions in seed crafting.
* Added rye, spelt and triticale to multifeed production
* Rye, Spelled, and Triticale, in addition to the above productions, can be sold at Marissonne and Shop – Le Jardin des Fermiers.
* Millet can be sold in addition to the above production, at Marissonne and Shop – Le Jardin des Fermiers.

Version 1.9.1
* Hof-BGA no longer takes content from the cowshed manure pile.
* Additional tanks of the greenhouses are now recognized correctly in the accompanying savegame20.

Version 1.9
* Hof-BGA with 250 kW built on the extended farm.
* Fermenter installed on the extended farm.
* Added bale acceptance to underground pallet storage.
* Fertilizer production shifted on the extended farm.
* Moved seedMaker to Advanced Farm.
* Court BGA and also the main BGA now have an animated flare.
* Animated campfires have been installed at various points on the map.
* PDA map updated.

Version 1.8.1
* Underground pallet storage hotfix. Tomato Soup, Ketchup, Fries, Popcorn, Farmer’s Salad, Strawberry Cream Yogurt, and Cream could not be stored, which has now been fixed.
* Instructions corrected and added.

Version 1.8
* Added food production next to the raisin/grape factory.
* Built underground pallet storage at the (old) farm.
* Fertilizer production built at the extended farm.
* Tomato soup, ketchup, French fries, popcorn, farmer’s salad and strawberry cream yoghurt are produced as new products in the newly created food production.
* Cream production installed as an additional production in the cheese dairy/butter and serves as a new production chain for the production of strawberry cream yoghurt.
* Added a new railroad crossing at Field 24, allowing for easier and faster access to Field 24.
* Bale acceptance for hay and straw bales additionally installed inside the cowshed.
* Smoke animations installed in the chimneys of numerous buildings.
* Tripled capacities at the pallet spawn points at the raisin/grape factory and cheese/butter factory.
* Added tomato soup, ketchup, fries, popcorn, farmer’s salad, cream and strawberry cream yoghurt as a new FillType.
* Pizzeria now also accepts tomato soup, ketchup, fries, popcorn, farmer’s salad, cream and strawberry cream yoghurt.
* Restaurant now also accepts tomato soup, ketchup, fries, popcorn, farmer’s salad, cream and strawberry cream yoghurt.
* Fast Food Restaurant now also accepts Tomato Soup, Ketchup, French Fries, Popcorn, Farmer’s Salad, Cream, and Strawberry Cream Yogurt.
* Farm Shop now also accepts Tomato Soup, Ketchup, French Fries, Popcorn, Farmer’s Salad, Cream, and Strawberry Cream Yogurt.
* Doubled the times between the closing of the barriers and the arrival of the train at the level crossings.
* seedMaker slightly offset to the side so that the new fertilizer production could be placed.
* Cowshed capacity increased from 80 to 100 cows.
* PDA map updated.
* Multifeed production is now purchasable.
* Made cosmetic fixes to the old farm pond.

Version 1.7
* Vineyard redesigned. The distance between the grape vines has been increased from 2.3m to 2.5m, so that it is now easier to drive through with the fertilizer sprayer.
* New slurry tank with a capacity of 2,500,000 liters installed on the side yard.
* Multi-mixed feed production installed as a new production for mixed, pig and mineral feed on the side yard. The special feature: With the new FillTypes of fruits, cereals and proteins, you do not have to decide on a special fruit for the production of the above-mentioned types of feed, but have a free choice.
* Mixed, pig and mineral feed can be sold at the livestock trade.
* Small corrections to the terrain on the side yard.
* All productions and points of sale now have a dumping chute, so that you don’t just dump on the ground anymore.

Version 1.6
* Chocolate installed as an additional production in the bakery.
* Restaurant, pizzeria and fast food restaurant have expanded the acceptance of products.
(Grapes, corn, potatoes, eggs, milk, flour, bread, cake, butter, cheese, sugar, honey, muesli, olives, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, olive oil, grape juice, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, wine, soy milk and chocolate)
* The MultiFillTRANS 7300 S can now transport all liquids

Version 1.5
Sugar beet pulp installed as additional production in the lime factory.
Bugfix of the lime production.

Version 1.4
Exclusive and only at the Ferme-Beyleron – wine and soy milk production !!!
* Wine production installed as additional production in the raisin / grape factory.
* Soy milk production installed as additional production in the cheese / butter factory.
* Wine and soy milk added as a new FillType.
* Pizzeria now also accepts wine and soy milk.
* Restaurant now also accepts wine and soy milk.
* Fast food restaurant now also accepts wine and soy milk.
* Farm shop now also accepts wine and soy milk.

Version 1.3
* Lime production installed as an additional production building next to the fast food restaurant.
* Numerous unloading points have now been given an unloading grid so that unloading looks a little more real.
* The manure pile structure next to the pigsty has been moved slightly so that the manure pile no longer comes through the walls. (old GIANTS bug that has not been fixed for years).
* Bugfix: The pizzeria now has its fences again.
* The Ferme-Beyleron Pack comes with a clean savegame to counter the new bug of the LS22 v1.2. Explanation see in the mod description.

Version 1.2
* seedMaker installed on the extended farm for the production of seeds. (Thank you very much for the release!)
* Olive farm including a shelter and a water point.
* Pond at the farmhouse added as a free water supply point.
* A fence was drawn around the farmhouse including a few small embellishments.
* Additional manure pile structure installed next to the pigsty.
* The old ugly brown water barrel has been replaced by a fountain.
* PDA map updated.
* As a bonus, the Ferme-Beyleron comes with the MultiFillTRANS 7300 S, with which you can transport Herbicid for the seedMaker.


GIANTS / Pandahma

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8 months ago

cannot sell the farma500 silo thats on the yard. You need to allow it to be sold in the XML file. But map looks great

7 months ago

Can’t find soy milk production point

Reply to  jkliou
6 months ago

In der Molkerei, Ich glaub brauchst Wasser und Soya

7 months ago

On map you have alredz diary just buy and you can produce

7 months ago

geht der zug nicht?

7 months ago

Irgendwie funktioniert ab dieser Version der Trigger am Hof-Teich nicht mehr mit dem Autodrive… Mein Fahrer fährt den Trigger zwar an, tankt aber kein Wasser

Reply to  Dani
6 months ago

Ja der Teich geht nicht mehr und ich kann keine Paletten entladen, sprich mineralfutter in den Kuhstall, oder auch Eier verkaufen etc

Reply to  Dani
6 months ago

bonjour lorsque le robot nourris les vaches avec la ration total melangé le compteur indique toujours 0 il y a des lumieres (lampadaires) qui ne sont pas au sol a cote stabule des vaches pres du lisier merci de rectifier a la prochaine mise a jour peut etre v1.9 tres belle ferme remerciement pour tout le beau travail que vous faite

7 months ago

Irgendwie funktioniert der Trigger am Hof-Teich mit dem Autodrive nicht…. In der 1.5V ging es. Der Fahrer fährt zwar den trigger an nur Tankt nicht.

6 months ago

how do you download this map everytime i download it is not in a compressed zip folder

5 months ago

Hi, there is a terrain issue on the unnumbered terrain east of field 23. There are invisible remains of old structures, so it cannot be used for anything, right now. Would be nice if you had the time to smooth this out. I would like to use it for buildings. For the rest: love this map!

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