Hikers discovered an area of rolling hills in the middle of Germany that was neither settled nor used for agriculture and they could hardly believe it.
There was only one restaurant that offered food and drink to the infrequent hikers.
After the hikers reported their discovery, the area was released for settlement and named “Hinterland” because of its emptiness.
A farmer has already tried his luck, but because of the loneliness, he gave up and left his small farm.

Do you dare to settle in this loneliness and build a successful farm?
This is a do-it-yourself map, i.e. most of the fields, farms and villages can be created by the player.

The map contains the following features:
– 3 fields
– 49 lots
– 1 small farm
– 3 selling stations
– 1 bakery with extended functions
– Vehicle store
– Workshop
– Animal dealer
– Forests, lakes, river
– 36 golden animal figures as collectibles
– Rapid plant growth with seasonal growth turned off
– Wheat and barley can also be sown in spring
– Meadows with flowers can be sown
– Subsoiler as a plow for creating fields
– 4 golden poor-making weights for survival playthroughs
– 3 sign posts for passive income


You don’t need a new game save for this update.
– The small landing stage at the farm is now solid enough to walk on it.
– Horses are much more valuable ($40,000) after 36 months on sale if they have been well ridden and are fully healthy. Note: this price increase does not work when using mods that change the characteristics of animals, e.g. young animals.
– A simple horse pasture has been added.

A new savegame is not absolutely necessary for this update.
– the water has become quieter.
– you can sell cotton.
– the shutters on the small farmhouse no longer go through the woodpile when opened.
– the bridges get a continuous thin layer of snow in winter when there is snow.
– the existing fields have no more fieldless spots.
– the forest plants can now be removed. This applies, for example, to sticks, mushrooms, ground cover, ferns, etc.
Unfortunately, for the last point it was necessary to remove all existing forest plants because the underlying system had to be changed.
With existing savegames, the forest looks a bit bare, there are only bushes and a few flowers apart from the trees.
In new savegames, the forests are full of underplanting with sticks, mushrooms and the like.

Frog croaking in reed bushes
Meadow grass can be sown
Bakery is immediately owned and can be used as production
Help text for the specifics of the map

The card is now being tested and then submitted to Modhub.

New PDA card
New thumbnail
New icon
Decorative objects sellable and buyable
Arm Mach weights
Get rich signs
paths embellished
Riparian areas embellished

Redesign of the port area with:
Walk-in restaurant
Shop with workshop
pet dealer
Overgrown dirt road
Trees on the surrounding mountains
Rapid plant growth
spring wheat, spring barley
sowing meadows
More trees + bushes in build mode

Court buildings and courtyard design



4.8/5 - (23 votes)

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zip FS22_hinterland 95 MB

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2 months ago

Hi, I really like your map but I’ve comme accross a small problem when trying to gather somme water from the river to give it to my cattle. Seems like the game does not consider the water on your map to be water.
I have another mod that lets me place water from the build menu so I manage to make it work but I thought I’d let you know so maybe you can find a way to fix it for other players or at least put a warning in the description so people know about it

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