Welcome to the island of Basern. The landscape is not modeled on any existing region. The terrain is partly mountainous and partly flat and slopes steadily from north to south. The name of the map is purely fictional and located somewhere in Germany.
Size: 4-fold
– There are a total of 62 fields with field sizes of approx. 0.5 ha to 75 ha.
– There are 5 prepared farms available for MP (only in the Farm Manager level), and one prepared farm for SP (only in the New Farmer level).
– 59 pre-installed productions, all productions, with a few exceptions, require electrical energy to operate. Numerous energy suppliers are available for this purpose.
– All productions have been fully adapted to the Script Revamp. This mod is absolutely required.
additional new fruits: rye, spelt, white cabbage, red cabbage, onions, carrots, poppy seeds
– all existing fruits can be further processed
new additional animals: goats, ducks, calves, lambs, chicks and ducklings
– 32 points of sale
– 82 buyable spaces
– One forest area is located at the sawmill, other forest woods are distributed on the map.
– All standard products as well as the products of the card can be sold.
– Large stables with extended capacities.
– A water extraction point is located by the greenhouses.
– Adjusted growing times. The growth plan of the island Basern is not bound to any region, but was individually adapted to this map.
– Own customized trailers and harvest vehicles in the store in its own category
– 2 Train routes to drive yourself, both train routes are completely passable
– An open space for your own development, in the SP level New Farmer there are a total of 5 open spaces.
– There are no collectibles.

General note: The signals on the western train route should be taken seriously.
Special thanks to the modders whose objects I was allowed to use.


– Added new traffic light script, traffic lights go red only when vehicle has passed trigger
– Vitamin pallet, bun and poppy seed bun pallet fixed
– Adjustment for Mod Enhanced Animal System
– Adjusted farm land at field 37, non-buyable area went into the field
– Everything sale train discharges have received ball triggers. Unloading of bales during missions should be possible now
– Small reloading stations along train routes have also received a bale trigger
– Chicks no longer lay eggs
– Sheep lambs no longer give wool
– Goat lambs no longer give milk
– Bulls can no longer reproduce
– Precision Farming values for dynamic seeding added


[LSMT]FalPos/LS Mapping Team

3.4/5 - (5 votes)

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3 months ago

Can’t even properly load into the map the game loads to 85% then just stays there left the game sitting for a hour while I watched youtube and it was still at 85%

Farmer PDog
Farmer PDog
Reply to  Colton
2 months ago

My game did the same thing, loaded to 85% then just sat there doing nothing. Time to say bye bye to this map!!

Ray Davies
Ray Davies
11 months ago

The map no longer works correctly for a while and does not seem to be an update coming

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