Welcome to La Coronella, a map born from the imagination. Here you can relax among the more than 60 irregular fields and of all kinds of sizes. Among its more than 100 uneven terrains
You will find plots of olive and almond trees and a multitude of factories installed on the map, which will offer you the possibility of producing more than 25 new products registered on this map. In addition, it contains
an enclosure prepared for Competitive Tests, which you can do alone or with your friends. You will have at your disposal 3 Ways to play on this map, choose the one that best suits your way of playing.

—La Coronella(Competitive)
.Plot located to the North of the map, prepared for your competitive games with your friends or alone. Are you ready to show off your Farming Simulator skills?

La Coronella(Standard)
.Farm Installed
.Installed Animal Stables adapted to the map
.Feeding and Animal Husbandry edited
.2 Biogas Plants
.Dairy Sheep
.Almond trees
.By-Products: Sheep Cheese, Almond Oil and Biogas Cylinder
.2 Pine Plantations
.Various logging areas
.Solar Panel Plot
.Collectibles: 25 Gold Coins and 25 Silver Coins
.Different garages to edit or create your own farm
.Warehouses with filling animation for a multitude of products with a garage included
.Placeable factories to produce, Seeds, Solid Manure, Lime, Mixed Ration and Feed for Pigs
.Points of sale for all kinds of products
.Points of purchase of products necessary to work our lands and to feed our animals

The Coronella(Pro)
.In addition to everything included in the Standard mode…
.More than 25 factories installed on the map
.Production of Empty Pallets, which will be necessary for the vast majority of factories
.2 Greenhouse plots that will need manure..
.More than 25 new products. Corn Oil, Melon, Watermelon, Cardboard, Smoothies, Jams, …
.Guidance signs in all factories and stables installed
.Edited base game machinery for new products

Long hours of work and fun await you while enjoying beautiful landscapes on this map. La Coronella, a place to enjoy playing.


– Multi-Terrain Angle. (Requires New Game)
– New Ground Textures.
– PDA settings.
– Now you can buy empty pallets in the Farm Store.

– New warehouses were added for the new Premium Expansion products. Carrot, Parsnip and Red Beet.
– All new products and sub-products were added to the different points of sale.
– Increased DescVersion.

INFO: For the changes in this version to take effect, of course you must have the Farming Simulator Premium Expansion.

-Relocated the floating buildings that appear just above the main farm.
-Parmesan Cheese can now be sold at various points on the map.
-All the doors that previously opened and closed on a schedule will now remain open all the time.

-Adjusted the visibility of the buildings and decoration objects of all the factories already installed on the map.
-Some minor changes to the terrain.
-The sale prices of some products were adjusted.
-New product: Parmesan Cheese
-Added a new factory for the production of Parmesan Cheese.

– Beet Cut bullets will now be accepted at the BGAS and at the Sugar Factory.
– Now you can sell Beet Cut bales at the Biomass Thermal Plant.

– You will now be able to sell Platinum DLC products at various points of sale already located on the map.
– Now you can deliver Wood Containers in the different factories that admit wood for production.
– Sawmill and Biomass Sales Points will now accept Wood Containers.
– Increased the filling capacity on the MKS tanker trailers.
– Tweaks in the Decorative Foliage of the map.
– Added placeable building for Drying Grass.
– Improved the functionality of AI workers at some points on the map.
– Terrain and Foliage changes occurred in some areas. This is an insignificant minor modification, changes will only be noticeable in New Games.

-Requires New Game to be able to enjoy all the changes.
-Full translation in French, Italian and Brazilian.
-New Types of Filling added: Pistachios, Red Lettuce, New Holland Refills, Hydraulic Oil and Copper Sulfate.
-New fruit trees added: Almond and Pistachio trees.
-New Holland spare parts: Increases the production of Almonds, Olives and Pistachios in Intensive cultivation. Use on New Holland Braund 9090X Almond Pro and Olive Pro.
-Hydraulic Oil: Increases the production of Almonds, Olives and Pistachios in traditional cultivation. Use in Umbrella Collector of Almonds, Olives and Pistachios.
-Copper Sulfate: Valid for fertilizing Almond, Olive and Pistachio trees.
-Edited New Holland Braund 9090X for the use of New Holland Parts.
-Hardi Mercuri 4000L was published for the use of Copper Sulfate in Olive, Almond and Pistachio trees, both for intensive and for traditional Olive and Almond trees.
-New Machinery added and edited to perform new functions on the map.
-Added Placeable Almond and Pistachio Trees to harvest with Umbrellas.
-Fields 26 and 49 were edited and next to them will appear 2 new fields that will include Almond and Pistachio trees already placed. (Requires New Game)
-Now the doors of the pre-installed factories on the map will appear open at the beginning of the game, in order to avoid the “bug” of collisions.
-Some terrain fixes at various points on the map.
-Fixed food trigger in the chicken coop.
-Several modifications in information posters.
-Flying objects reported by the community have been put back in place.
-Increased the emptying speed of the Mineral pallet needed to make animal food. (Protein)
-The limitation on the production of pallets in the Flour, Sugar, Packaged, etc. was eliminated.
-Increased capacity in the Straw, Grass, Hay, Silage, Chips, Potatoes and Sugar Beet warehouses.
-Underground Silos placed on the farm can now be sold.
-Added the option to purchase Narrow Wheels and Dual Narrow Wheels to the McCornick X8.
-Traffic speed was reduced.
-Now you can buy all the land on the map.
-Added new textures for Landscaping mode.
-Added more than 250 AI Splines to improve the performance of this system on the map.
-Now you can transport Sheep’s milk with the tanks adapted for it.
-Added tank to store Sheep Milk and Cow Milk.
-The option to buy another Empty Pallet Factory was added.
-The Competitive Mode was eliminated, although the area enabled for it was not eliminated.
-New Product was added: Red Lettuce
-Added 2 Orchards already placed on the map. Melons and Red Lettuce. (Requires New Game)
-A new product for Greenhouses was added: Vegetable Seed Pallet.
-Pallet factory was added in the Standard version.
-Now you can buy greenhouses of Melons, Watermelons and Red Lettuces.
-New Warehouse to store Pistachios.
-The capacity of the products in both Biogas was increased.
-Fixed the Spline of the Cow Barn Feeder Robot.
-Corrected the bug of the Feeder Robot, which did not feed properly when you exceeded 80 cows.
-Copper Sulfate can be stored in the liquid tank.
-Clean Olives and Olive Leaves were added to Standard Mode.
-Olive Cleaner Added in Standard Mode.
-Increased the capacity of the products in the warehouse of the Robot Feeder.
-Increased the capacity of the Mixed Ration that the Feeder Robot will supply to the cows on each trip.
-Changed starting vehicles in Pro Mode.
-Various modifications in the buildings placed on the farm at the beginning of the game in Pro Mode.
-Fixed various bugs in Shaders



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9 months ago

no me agarra el mapa de echo ni me aparece

Jacob Bespalec
Jacob Bespalec
1 year ago

I’m having issues where the production gates wont open for me. Any Ideas?

Reply to  Jacob Bespalec
1 year ago

some are time activated others I’ve opened with mouse click

1 year ago

I have recently looked at the XML files for the greenhouses and the seed trigger uses the water trigger for the greenhouse. The seed sign by looks of it is where to store excess seeds NOT a unload point. Hope this helps others having trouble using veg seeds.

1 year ago

on latest version of the map im having trouble unloading veg seed at the greenhouses, is it just me on a dedicated server or anyone else have this problem?

Reply to  Colonelio
1 year ago

I’m having same issue on ps4. Trigger only unloading pallets. Water and manure working fine.

Reply to  Paul
1 year ago

glad it not just me, looks like until trigger is updated greenhouses cannot be used as they require veg seed now

Jerry Persson
Jerry Persson
1 year ago

Hi. How come the tipper triggers doesn´t work on the mixers, for example the seed and fertilizer mixer. It´s not possible to tip seed or slurry into those.?

Reply to  Jerry Persson
1 year ago

Try to empty at the top of the machine.

Chris Bradbury
Chris Bradbury
1 year ago

Great map. Great mods and productions any chance we can get these on other maps too

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