The time has come and you can now download version beta. Beta because there will certainly be little things here and there that we may have overlooked. Please take into account that only two people have converted this map to the LS22. On the one hand I (Mario) and on the other hand DtP Thomas. You can certainly imagine the work that was involved. If not, here are a few lists of what was done,

The grass has been completely redrawn throughout the map
Fields have been adjusted
Textures on buildings have been improved
Buildings were partly replaced or even made functional
all placeables have been reimplemented and adjusted
the folder structure has been adjusted
various textures that were no longer needed have been removed
TipColisions have been recreated
Trees have been completely replaced and scaled for the most part (1 1 1)
Splines were relaid and adjusted
The speed cameras have been adapted for the LS22
and much more
This is just a fraction of what the two of us did on the map. Well, this shouldn’t be a whining, we want to have fun with the great map ;):thumbup:

What exactly was done to make it playable for the LS22 can be found in the following thread “Mecklenburg Vorpommern goes to FS22” or in the “ToDo”

If you find errors or have problems with the map, please post them in the following thread “Mecklenburg Vorpommern Bug Reports”

Here is some noteworthy information about certain functions on the map

At Getreide AG you can start a “trial engraver” which has no effect on the game (serves only for realism)
On the main courtyard [tt]MUST[/tt] you fold down the gallows so that you can fill your syringe (see pictures with the Dammann syringe)
In all manure pits and lagoons, the tarpaulins move visibly with the fill level
The speed cameras on the map work (be careful, they quickly cost money 😉 )
Ground angles increased to 32
The gates in the main courtyard have been given rotating beacons, which rotate when the gates are opened and closed
A large lake was created at the main courtyard in the direction of the school
Added lime and fertilizer to buy in the port
Added seed production and liquid fertilizer production between field 22 and field 10 (where the liquid manure lagoon is)

An overview of the fields and their hectares

Field 1: 3,227 ha
Field 2: 18,063 ha
Field 3: 61,675 ha
Field 4: 26,601 ha
Field 5: 24,668 ha
Field 6: 49,032 ha
Field 7: 31,283 ha
Field 8: 57,717 ha
Field 9: 74,634 ha
Field 10: 91,077 ha
Field 11: 17,583 ha
Field 12: 61,616 ha
Field 13: 36,887 ha
Field 14: 35,649 ha
Field 15: 82,684 ha
Field 16: 6,304 ha
Field 17: 12,561 ha
Field 18: 6,461 ha
Field 19: 41,548 ha
Field 20: 21,395 ha
Field 21: 29,094 ha
Field 22: 83,233 ha
Field 23: 13,149 ha

Required mods:
Dynamic mission vehicles
Multifruit harvester package


Version HotFix
Green rye can now be mowed with direct cutting units (ONLY works in conjunction with maizePlus) otherwise grass will come out.
Hops could not be delivered to the Straulsunder brewery
PDA map completely renewed
If you play with Maize Plus, you should exchange the following file in the .zip of MaizePlus.

Download the maizePlus_bunkerSilo.xml and copy it into FS22_MaizePlus\xml and overwrite the existing one.
This ensures that you can also unload silo alfalfa into the driving silo.

Green rye can now be pressed with a baler after mowing. Round bales and square bales and then wrapped.
various bale types adapted for green rye
various adjustments to xml files
added more AI vehicles
Adjusted license plates of AI vehicles
Clover and alfalfa could not be unloaded into silos (only works in conjunction with maizePlus)
Driving silos on the Kuhhof and on the BGA can now be sold in-game
Traffic light system revised again (problems with the collisions)
Traffic lights can now be deactivated (see screenshot 4.5)
Map is now 100% MaizePlus ready

– Green rye installed
– White cabbage removed again
– Red cabbage removed again
– Traffic lights changed again
– Poppy seeds could not be picked up with the shovel
– Hops could not be picked up with the shovel
– Helper names adjusted (real names)

– various barriers are now opened automatically by AutoDrive such as: these on the farm silo

– The traffic lights on the map have been raised slightly so that even larger machines can drive underneath them properly.

– descVersion increased (adapted to game version
– Adjusted terrainShader.xml which caused problems after patch:
– Traffic lights installed
– some traffic signs adapted in writing
– many traffic signs had no collision
– Adjusted the road at the village because there were various gaps
– SpeedDisplay made functional in the village (shows how fast you drive
– Klee (Clover) could be picked up with the pickup, but no particle system came out of the tube (chopper).
(Error was in the fruitTypes.xml was COLVER_WINDROW instead of CLOVER_WINDROW)
– Reduced plant density on lavender and alfalfa (FPS drops)
– White cabbage was no longer visible in the last harvest stage
– Swapped the huds of the extra fruits
– deco bushes can now be mowed
– Added another ground layer so that you have several choices for painting in the game
– pickupEffects.xml adjusted when picking up grass swaths with the pickup, errors occurred
– You couldn’t pick up rye after you dumped it on the ground
– Barrier at the sawmill now works
– Replaced lights in various halls
– installed new lamps on the Technikhof
– Exchanged and adjusted mountains halls on the entire map
– Added snow on all buildings
– the small meadow at the Kuhof leveled a bit
– Field 3, 14, 15 slightly leveled
– Smoothed field 6 holes at field entrance
– Adjusted bale sales (grass, hey, etc.)
– Adjusted texture paths for all new fruit bales
– Adjusted / renewed textures for the bales of the new fruits
– Added all fruits to the selling station “Getreide AG”.
– New farmhouse installed
– replaced some trees
– Adjusted the sound of the AI ​​tractor
– Adjusted traffic splines
– various collisions of buildings renewed
– new fields defined


– Completely revised fruit system
– The cultivation calendar for the new fruits was not displayed.
– you could not sow additional fruits with the seeders.
– You couldn’t mow clover and lucerne.
– Newly seeded grass was not displayed on the map.
– Onions would appear in the forest at the BGA.
– Silos at the kuhhof and at the BGA could not be completely emptied. Collision renewed and BitMask of the collision changed.
– Changed the bottom plate of the BGA
– Changed BGA filling funnel FillVolume and added knife animation.
– Path to BGA adjusted
– Field 3 slightly leveled

Version hot fix
Adjusted sales stations and storage options for additional fruits
Legend where you can store, deliver or sell what;
farm silo
To store
Buy Raiffeisen
earth fruits
white cabbage
Red cabbage
poppysilage crops
Grain AG Sell
Getreide AG bale sale
Purple pastry
Stralsund brewery

– increased descVersion to “66”.
– Adjust license plate for NWM (Northwest Mecklenburg) e.g.
– Added additional fruits (rye, alfalfa, clover, poppy seeds, hops, red cabbage, white cabbage, lavender, onions, carrots)

– Vehicles can now be sold at the dealer and in the workshops (farm and village)
– AI tractor parking deactivated
– Number of cows increased to 500, capacities for liquid manure, milk, water, straw adjusted accordingly
– Ball trigger installed in the cowshed, now it is possible to intersperse with round bales and square bales. Functional in the left stable and the middle one.
– Fixed floating house near church
– Adjusted pasture gate on the cow yard
– Lattice at the mountains hall on main courtyard protruded in the gate when opened
– Ground texture adjusted for the BGA
– Liquid manure tarpaulin from the basin of the BGA now also functional
– Fixed lamps in various halls (also lit up during the day)
– Snow mask renewed (snow was partly in many halls / shelters)
– Removed collision in a mountain hall in the main courtyard


DtP Mario
DtP Thomas

4.2/5 - (18 votes)

Download mod

File File size
zip FS22_Mecklenburg_Vorpommern 2 GB

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8 months ago

using the horsch dlc equipment crashes game.

9 months ago

Super Geile Map. Bugs/ Probleme: Schweinestall Spawnpunkt der Schweine versetzt. Diese sind außerhalb. Ampel blockieren Teilweise Autodrive Fahrer da diese teilweise sehr nahe an er Straße bzw an der Kreuzung sind.

2 years ago

Schöne Map, aber warum ist der Bodenbelag in der BGA tiefschwarz?

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