MY LANDS 4X V1.0.0.8

MY LANDS 4X V1.0.0.8

I’m currently working on a new mod 4X mod map for FS22 PC and after having the terrain and roads done I decided it would make a great player creates map for the game hence the name My Lands. I have added in all the support for productions and sell points that is required, a small farm house, one tiny field and added the start point and vehicle respawn points to the vehicle shop so they don’t get in the way. The map has a train and traffic splines on the outer ring road and Ai splines have also been added to the roads. The map has extra foliage and textures for use in the construction menu. The map also has multifruit and multiangle terrain and extra straw added to some fruits. The land plots are very large and require vast amounts of cash to purchase. You start with hardly anything so good luck and again.



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28 days ago

There are no field numbers, contracts are not coming. The map is incorrect.

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