OASIS Real Time Map for FS22 V1.22.3

OASIS Real Time Map for FS22

While playing Farming Simulator 19, i was wondering if it’s possible to have some kind of “out of game” live map.
After some quick research (basically clicking through the dedicated server administration, i found some xml files with interesting informations.
And here we are… “Oasis” a Farming Simulator Live Map.


node > 16.9.1
npm > 7.24.1
Farming Simulator 22 Server 😉

Works best on linux hosts 😉

Run Oasis locally


Get the latest relase version
Extract zip file
Open a new terminal inside the folder
Run npm install and let npm do the rest 🙂

Run Oasis

The configuration is pretty easy.
Just provide the following settings as environment variables to your node process
This app uses dotenv, just create an .env file in the root folder and add the following variables to it.
Variable Description
WEB_PORT The port the app will use to run (ex. 3000)
SERVER_IP The game server ip and port (ex.
SERVER_KEY Some kind of secret key, should look something like this “fGL0Dayr”

You may find your servers IP and key in the Dedicated Server Administration under Settings ->Miscellaneous.
If you, for example, take a look at the Link XML, you will see the IP, Port and the “code” which is used in this project as SERVER_KEY.

Run Oasis on a server

I do not provide support for installation and hosting!



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Download mod

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3 months ago

Does this work for consoles

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