Welcome to the Oberthal. The terrain was freely invented and is not based on any real existing landscape in Germany. It is partly flat, partly very mountainous and demands a lot of technique and driving skills.
Size: 4-fold
– There are altogether 48 fields with field sizes from approx. 1.7 ha to approx. 51 ha.
– For MP there are 4 prepared farms (only in Farm Manager level), for SP one prepared farm (only in New Farmer level) available
– 52 pre-built productions, all productions, with a few exceptions, require electrical energy to operate. For this purpose, numerous energy suppliers are available.
– All productions were completely adapted to the Script Revamp. This mod is mandatory.
– additional new fruits: rye, spelt, white cabbage, red cabbage, onions, carrots, poppy seeds
– all existing fruits can be processed further
– new additional animals: goats, calves, lambs, piglets, chicks, ducks and ducklings
– 29 points of sale
– 82 areas available for purchase
– One forest area is located at the sawmill, other forest areas are distributed on the map.
– All standard products as well as the products of the map can be sold
– Large stables with extended capacities
– A water withdrawal point is located on the main farm, at the pond near the hardware store (free withdrawal only here) and at the greenhouses.
– Adjusted growing seasons. The Oberthal’s growing schedule is not tied to any region, but has been individually adapted to this map.
– Own customized trailers and harvest vehicles in the store in its own category.
– 3 train routes to drive yourself, all train routes are completely drivable
– 3 open spaces for own cultivation, in the SP level New Farmer there are a total of 6 open spaces.
– There are no collectibles on the map.
General note: The signals on the train line Hoflinie 1 and the collector should be taken seriously.
Special thanks to the modders whose objects I was allowed to use.


[LSMT]FalPos/LS Mapping Team

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TheRealNinja TTV
TheRealNinja TTV
8 days ago

Is there a way to change the displays on the silos from German to English?

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