Pays de Caux V1.0.0.3

Pays de Caux

Welcome to Normandy, PC map

This map comes from my imagination, If you don’t like collisions, this map is not made for you.
To access the fields, field entries are indicated on the PDA,
No square fields and hilly terrain. This map is not made for wood, not all buildings can be deleted,
as well as the forests are fixed but you will have to plant your forests yourself.

On this map you will find:

– Map with 89 fields of variable shape and size and they are mainly hilly, some of which can be connected by cutting down the trees that separate them.

– 1 main farm (you don’t have to buy this farm)
with 2 cow stalls, 1 pigsty, a chicken coop, a sheepfold, with several storage silos
– Multiple placeable slots
– Sawmill
– Several points of sale
– Several industries (Oils, sugar, chocolate, flour, lime and seeds)
– 1 village
– 1 “Accort Paille” purchase point For all those who are concerned with animals
– Movement of pedestrians and vehicles
– Addition of alfalfa, clover, carrot and onion


Problem solved to validate harvest missions at “Semences de Normandie” (the seed factory has been removed)
To avoid a new game, delete the line “fertilizermaker.xml” in the placeables” file of your savegame

Added storage in the main carrot and onion farm
Added base vehicles
Fixed some scenery collision issues

A new backup is needed

Good functioning of the 3 manures (They did not produce manure) repaired.
Straw from pigs no longer goes into the straw storage silo.
Moved the storage silo which is now with the manure to avoid a loading bug.
Set up a bale silo in the main farm.
Added 2 spotlights in the main farmhouse to improve lighting.

A new backup is required.
This is the last version I will make, there will be no others, good game to you



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