The Recanto da Alvorada map is a Brazilian map, based in the state of Minas Gerais.
Packed and packed, you have just arrived in this quiet town in Minas Gerais, a promising place for new business.
Be the new farmer of this region and be part of the history of Minas Gerais, and when you need to, relax with a good cup of coffee.

-Map with 79 fields from small to large, where 71 of them have missions.
-Work with the new coffee culture and sell your production or process it to obtain roasted coffee.
-At Guimaq you can make your purchases and repair your vehicles/implements, should you need it.
-If the price of the service at Guimaq is too high for your pocket, you can have it done at Lizard Motors right in front of you.
-Your grain production in general (including also your potatoes and beets) can be sold in the 3 warehouses present on the map
-Sugar cane is sold only at the mill. Here you can buy fertilizer from the vinasse produced at this location.
-Bales in general, cotton and wool, are accepted at the cotton mill.
-It is possible to sell various products in the city market, and there are also production points, such as the bakery and the grape processor.
-The cooperative accepts different products, especially coffee.
-At the sawmill you can sell wood and also produce boards.
-If you want to sell milk from your cows or produce milk products, Dairy Products is the place you were looking for.
-Needing limestone? Do you also need to get rid of the stones that have been removed from your fields? Simple! Go to the Limestone company.
-Are you in urgent need of fuel? Run to the gas station, located near the cotton plant.
-On your new farm, you have at your disposal a house to sleep in, a shed to store your machinery, a water tank, and a fuel station.
-There is no snow on this map, because the winter in this region is only cold and dry.
-Most companies close their doors at the end of the day, stay tuned!


– New save necessary to avoid conflicts!
– Added dependency of Jacto K3500 coffee harvester;
– Planting and harvesting calendar modified;
– Map latitude corrected, now the seasons are aligned with the Southern Hemisphere;
– Added black bean crop;
– Soybean, wheat, and sugarcane crops have been aligned;
– Fixed missing AI splines near the farm;
– Adjusted roasted coffee price;
– Coffee factory is now a placeable object;
– Corrections and improvements to the visual aspect of the map;
– Corrections and improvements to the landscaping, now with a greater variety of decorations;
– Company scales are now functional;
– The map now comes with coffee crops;
– Animal feeding modified.


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Stops loading at 85%. What am I missing?

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