Riverview is work in progress however the map is now in a fully functional state with multiple production buildings avilable to sell your goods at or purchase. There are 47 fields of which some are pastures. Your starting land has a large cow barn, house, sheds, silage clamp as well as a silo with plenty of open space for more placeables. There is a second farm that has two large Pig barns and a large Chicken barn, silo and some sheds.

There is no traffic on this map so you can’t use the hire AI to drive to a destination (this will come in a later update). There are cutable hedges, all other none cutable hedges can be driven through but will not allow bales and harvster headers through them.
There is no traffic on this map so you can’t use the hire AI to drive to a destination.
There is still much work to be done in terms of replacing old buildings, walls etc however the log is clean other than the line we are all using from FS19 “densityMap_fruits.gdm’ has elements very far out from the cell edge (56.51% expansion)”. For the loggers out there, you will find plenty of tree’s to cut down.
Please remember this is a wip, things are subject to change and i have no set date as to when updates will be released and no final release date as of yet.


Version 3
Traffic Splines in place
Tree’s changed to improve visibility
Changes at the bakery (requires new game or porting of files from a fresh game to current game to keep save file compatible)
Terrain fixes
Fixes errors introduced with latest game patch

Version 2
Added animal pens and sheds to additional farms.
Fixed terrain issue’s at sell points.
Added more production buildings.
Added traffic splines for outer road system (this is still work in progress).
Updated tree types.
Optimized the map and replaced all of the old buildings that was causing texture problems.
Fixed issue with hedges been collidable, now only bales should be effected by them.
Work on snow mask is slow but parts of the map have now got a snow mask.
Split farm land up so most of those that shared plots aren’t been purchased as a double plot any more.
Fixed none tip issue where windrows would build up in large clumps due to not been able to drop the windrow due to none tip.


Model: Giants
Texture: Giants
Script: Giants
Idea / Concept: Luke159
Testing: Luke159, Farmer_Dad, Stardog, Hodge, Stew

2.9/5 - (13 votes)

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zip FS22_Riverview 123 MB

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1 year ago

why not just finish the map before uploading?!

1 year ago

Why download the Map before it is finished if you don’t like it in it’s unfinished Version play the vanilla Maps instead.

Farmer Ray
Farmer Ray
1 year ago

alot of issues still

1 year ago

bad map, with a lot of issues

1 year ago

the river is empty of water no matter what i do, Even put the map with mods in separate folder

7 months ago

It says “there are too many animal pens. Please sell some first” but the thing is i didn’t even have a single animal pen and i didn’t even own one so why it is not allowing me to add. let me know if anyone have any idea.

stuart cruickshank
stuart cruickshank
2 months ago

any help, one of the field (one with cows in base model) has bugged after an update, i moved the field around and put paths (painted asphalt) down and the grass grows through, plowing or any form of tool to destroy the grass doesnt work. any “fix” at all for this that anyone knows of?

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