Savonmaa V0.8

Half real, half fictional area in a beautiful finnish countryside in the middle of lakes.

You got enough of stressing life in the city, sold everything and moved back to your roots in the eastern Finland.
The scenery is beautiful but the terrain is rough and suitable only for small scale farming. There are plenty of trees, maybe you should buy a sawmill?

The map includes:
13 fields
thousands of trees
buyable sawmill and grain mill
selling points for almost all of the products
vehicle shop and animal dealer
free slurry and manure
realistic scandinavian weather
custom crop calendar and finnish license plates for player’s vehicles (not made by me)
and much more

You can not buy those farmlands where your neighbour’s house is and a few vehicles are for decorative purpose only. (they show on map but you can not use them.)

Known issues:
items that should be hidden during the winter do appear when you load a save. Apparently the game does not know which season is going on.
Things go back to normal at 1st day of the next month.

Increased Light Range – It will be dark during the winter, so this is a must.
Portable Sleep Trigger – Because there is none by default.
Kesla ND144HD – If you do forestry, this is so much better than the original.
Advanced Greenhouses – You have an easy access to water, manure and woodchips.


– Terrain shader bug caused by game update ver 1.9 fixed.
– Market place got a facelift.
– Cows are now more profitable, price of the milk is doubled and food gives more production. TMR is no longer superior compared to other food types.
– Some changes on weather, it was snowing too much in previous version and the snow level hit the max too fast and could cause a bug where the snow did not melt away during the spring.
– Changes on starting equipments.
– Changes on traffic sounds, environmental colors and terrain paint tools.

– Added firewood production. Cut the logs smaller using your chainsaw so they fit in the crate and then hit R near the axe. Firewood comes out in bigbags unless you have some another firewood mod that overrides this.
– Added Finnish roadsigns. Some changes on the walkways and AI pedestrian routes.
– Rain and snow effects changed. Some chimneys now have a smoke effect at certain time of the day.
– Some new objects, mainly on the resort area.

This update focuses on winter and snow and it’s called Savonmaa Winter Edition.
– You have to keep the mainroads clear of snow. If you want to use road salt, you can buy the roads for free to be able to do that.
– Added selling points for snow. There’s two of them on the map and you can add more by yourself. Note that you have to tip the snow from the trailer or bucket.
– Added driveway markers. You can find these also from the construction menu under decoratives tab.
– Many fixes on snow masks, tip collisions and indoor mask layers.
– Some objects have been moved or removed to make clearing of the areas easier.
– Added some dead trees.
– New loading screen and mod icon.

Not compatible with an old saved game!
– File size has been reduced by removing unnecessary files and recompressing some of the textures.
– Fixed bugs found with testRunner.
– The area on the left is ready and now accessible.
– Added baling missions.
– Sawmill changes, board pallets improved.
– Field 14 is larger and surrounded by ditches.
– Some of the forests are denser.
– Added 15 collectibles; Values 500-2000 + bonus if you find them all.
– Added two tools for painting grass.
– English and German translations and some small corrections here and there.

– Added Multi-terrain Angle. (32 ground texture angles)
– Some changes on starting equipments

This update does not totally mess up ver. save but most of the changes do not appear on the map. Starting a new save is suggested.
– fishfarming mod built in with some modifications. (original author VX mapping)
– added a new bakery.
– you can set the sawmill to produce woodchips only.
– woodchip silo at the sawmill rebuilt.
– field 7 split in two, fields 10 and 13 are now larger.
– fieldstone overhaul; volume and mass tuned down from the previous version, drawing distance increased.
– environmental sounds added.
– english translations for the selling points added.
– some deco objects and A.I. driving courses added.

– added Lizard Quad Bear as a starting vehicle (Mod required!)
– added operating hours for all used starting vehicles

HOTFIX for previous update.
Grass was not growing back properly. Problem solved.

– a big economic overhaul. All prices and price fluctuations recalculated.
– the sawmill produces new kind of pallets that are easier to lift. On easy level you’ll get a telehandler for this job.
– grass vanishes now during the winter.
– less snow at the shopping areas.

– color bug on the square yellow licence plate fixed
– bale selling triggers had big issues, now you should be able sell grass, hay, silage and straw. (baled or not)
– unnecessary animal icons taken off the map. (no more confusion with them)
– some of the farmland borders have been changed and added 2 more farmlands
– starting tractor John Deere switched to Valtra (because Finland 😛)
– powerlines now do have collision, beware when falling trees near them.
– added few more lights
– fixed floating bales and poles
– smoothened ground on fields 1 and 4
– new paths in the forest
– added some decorative objects

– vehicle shop redone, new textures and more stuff
– gas station redone
– milk tanker replaced with a traditional “milk pier”
– added buildings and a horsepasture to farmland 25 (field 1)
– added billboards and signs
– some house textures changed
– added more fences and powerlines
– more starting equipment at easy difficulty level
– more bushes
– tree weights adjusted to be more realistic
– some fixes on terrain

April 30, 2022
– a little longer daytime during the winter and autumn. Should be close to real now.
– traffic redone. Car colours changed and they drive slower.
– woodchip storage at the custom sawmill works as intended. (woodchiphill goes up and down)
– meadows and weeds changed to look more like in Finland
– added more trees and bushes, some other changes on foliage
– the mainroad stays clear of snow now
– changed rocks and logs that didn’t have snowmap, fixes on terrain snowmap
– new roads in the forests
– new reflector posts (prefab)
– added some more decorative objects
– new PDA

– AI helpers can now drive along most of the roads
– the grainmill no longer buys sunflower or corn (it had no storage and you could not process them)
– added texture for powerlines
– sawmill building lowered down a little
– some minor terrain edits



4.5/5 - (11 votes)

Download mod

File File size
zip FS22_Savonmaa_WE 250 MB

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1 year ago

This is a fantastick map… I love it….

Reply to  HeinzDk
1 year ago

Thanks! At least one update coming soon since i managed to do something that i wanted since the first version of the map. It will be compatible with an old save so no problems with that.

1 year ago

Hi, The map is very nice. It has those finnish aspects I have missed. If I can make a wish would it be possible to erase a “water plane” from the land areas as I have little mining operation going on and I have now reached the water level?

Thank you!

Reply to  NiPe
1 year ago

Hi! Late reply because the map was uploaded here by someone else thus i don’t read the comments. First i tried to make the lake of several water planes but i didnt get it to work well because then there will be seams, so making it out of one was the only option. Also in my opinion it adds realism because you will face the water level if you dig deep enough.

1 year ago

Amazing work ! for having been to Finland to see the Northern Lights this is a cool GetOFF the Grid map ! thank you a lot. I look forward to test it

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