SVK Gorbani is a large 8x map made on real terrain.
Most of the buildings are located in a real place, but objects and productions have been added to diversify the gameplay. The map is currently under development.
I post my work to understand if the card is good and if it is needed, if there will be a demand for it.

Map includes:
– 2 detailed mechanized yards for parking vehicles.
– 143 fields from 0.1 ha to 235 ha (hay contracts are under development and will be available in future map updates).
– 181 purchased plots.
– 3 purchased forest plots.
– 2 gas stations.
– 1 farm 50% completed (3 more in development).
– 8 points of sale (in development).
– Support for DLC Precision Farming.
– Contracts work.
– Changed economy.
– Sawmill.
– Livestock dealer.


– Added new lighting.
-Economy edited.
– Prices for new products have been edited.
– Added flour and cereals for new crops.
– Added production of different types of bread.
– Edited CropRotation for new crops, including those from the new addition.
– Added 15 purchased plots for your own construction (your own home).
– Added new textures to plants.
– Fixed the trigger for receiving straw in bales at the feed mill.
– Added new production recipes.
– Added quarries: sand, peat, stone and production chains for them
– Added stubble trampling.
– And other small changes.
– Added support for mods, some were built into the map, and some were downloaded from the modhub:

– EnhancedAnimalSystem – enhanced animal husbandry system.
– Production Revamp – The card runs on the Production Revamp mod, so you need to turn off and pause production, as you will be charged the appropriate monthly fee for idle time.
– MudSystem – Mud system that adds realism, now rain is not the time to work in the field.
– manureFix – manure output has been fixed.
– advanced maintenance – advanced vehicle maintenance.
– GrassMowing – the ability to mow grass from the first stage of growth.
– IncreasedFuelUsage – realistic fuel consumption (regardless of the settings).
– CropRotation – crop rotation translated and with added crops for SVK Gorbani.
– DamageControl – reducing the level of wear and tear on vehicles at all difficulty levels by -50% by half.
– airHoseConnectSound – the script adds sounds of connecting and disconnecting a hose to the game.
– RealisticMilkingTime – Realistic milking time.

– fix flying objects on the map.
– Significant optimization, reducing the distance of drawing objects, including large forests.
– fix contracts for harvesting, now 100% of the contract is fulfilled.
– Added collectibles.
– fixing a bug on the grain dryer
– fixed mustard and corn loading issue in house bunker.
– Fixed an issue where it was impossible to pour mustard on the ground.
– Adjusted production, capacity, production cost and production time (seed plant, grain refinery, bakery, oil plant)
– fixed firewood production (pallets did not appear)
– fixed fuel unloading trigger
– increased feed loading trigger for biogas feed robot
New save not required

The oil plant was relocated, and a fodder production plant was installed in its place.
The economy corrected under Ukrainian.
– Changed lighting;
– Fixed problem with plowing, lime, liquid and solid fertilizer, herbicide.
During the recording of the autodrive courses, many problems were found and corrected due to the relief and the proximity of the trees to the fields

– A starting house that has bees, chickens, greenhouses, some sheep, and a small wood production. The house has a cellar and a grain storage bin. Sleep trigger.
Everything is modest and cozy.
– New crops: rye, buckwheat, peas, mustard, clover, alfalfa.
– Street and business lighting has been added to the entire map.
– Replaced the road from the texture to the model.
– A lot of details have been added to brigade yards and enterprises.
– Production of feed for pigs, monomix and mineral feed.
– Station for the purchase of lime, manure, silage;
– Station weighing;
– Added 2 new villages.
– Added a gas station where you will need to refuel / load fuel and carry fuel to a gas station that is on one of the two bases.
Added gate animation to many garages.
Added biogas.
Added 2 new farms.
Added more non-default paints in scheduler mode.

Fixed a bug in the field generation script,
Fixed crooked mowing of straw grass.
Fixed “flat straw”
Fixed air grain hovering effect.
Bump fix on margins 57 and others reported!)
Moved trees away from fields
Fixed a non-working oil refinery purchase trigger
Fixed hanging loading markers at the oil refinery and mill.

Added productions:
– Grain cleaning
– Dairy

Added traffic of pedestrians and cars.
Changed the texture of grass and trees.
Changed lighting.
Added a huge village to the bottom of the map.

– Correction of sharp uneven terrain
– Fixed hanging objects
– Added contracts for hay

– Mill (Production)
– Creamery (Production)
– Sugar Factory (Production)
– Bakery (Production)
– Seed Plant (Production)
– Grain Cleaning (Production)
– Sawmill (Production)

Added points of sale for potatoes, beetroot and forest
Added new areas of the forest.



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7 months ago

There seems to be a problem with the soilmap. The whole map is loamy sand. What ends in horrendous seed amounts to minimum yield. And that paired with the real prices you added… makes some fields not even paying out the cost when I took soil samples.

10 months ago

Is there any chance you could release a version without the RealNumbers addon, it does mess with certain other mods.

10 months ago

Please do something to make the file size smaller. Now it can’t be put on dedicated server, because it needs to be max. 1.7 GB.

Reply to  brxdn
10 months ago

I put it on a dedicated server and there were no problems

11 months ago

Nie wiem co sie dzieje ale dwie duże stajnie na 700 krów przy biogazowni nie magazynują mleka. Wszystkie składniki dodano, słoma, woda a mleka nie ma. Da się to jakoś naprawić?

I don’t know what’s going on, but two large stables for 700 cows at the biogas plant do not store milk. All ingredients added, straw, water and no milk. Can it be fixed somehow?

11 months ago

doesn’t work with 1.9.x.x … UPDATE ?

1 year ago

The silage sales price is to low.

Reply to  Vladimir
1 year ago

čus vladimír

1 year ago

aber die hat Fehler 297 auf Server  😱

1 year ago

the map is good so far but need a lot of work.

the PDA need a rework its realy inaccurate

the small fields around the 58-63 area need to beregistered they causing some heavy lags and FPS drops

the map itself need to be slimed down … less trees ,decoratives , bushes

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