Welcome to the Agres Balconies, this map is a free inspiration from the surroundings of the village of Agres, near Alicante in the south east of Spain.
The landscape comes from a real survey and the climate is hot of the Mediterranean type, sometimes semi-arid due to lack of rain.
You will find new cultures there: Oranges, Lemons, Peppers, yellow melon, but also exotic fruits: mangoes, pomegranates, papayas.
Two new productions: Soap, made from olive oil, water and sodium hydroxide (to be purchased on a pallet in a store) and grapeseed oil.

The map contains:
– 50 fields.
– 40 olive groves.
– 25 plots of vines.
– 10 plots of fruit trees.
– 15 woodlots.
– 6 commercial areas.
– 3 already flat plots where you can build your own farm.
– Many empty areas affected by drought or abandoned.
– The grass is often not usable, check its status in the pda.
For a total of 186 plots with a specific map for Precision Farming.

The village of Agres is dotted with narrow cobbled streets that you can visit to meet the locals.
The map also includes many new 3D models of my own creation, such as buildings, bridges, cactus etc…
An AI network allows you to move vehicles automatically between outlets and most parcels.
You will see original animations like insects and sometimes you can even see an Eagle flying on the heights.
You can also celebrate local festival by searching for ‘Moros y Cristianos’ chests containing treasures.
And if you feel like it, you can help people recycle the many objects left in abandoned landfills.


– Added three fruits in the orchards: apples, apricots and peaches.
– Added a new production building: Fruit growers cooperative. You can produce apple pies,
fruit jellies, fruit jellies, apple butter, apple crisps and fruit juices.
– Improved some decorations.

– Added old placeable silo.
– Added placeable stone shed with new texture added.
– Addition of placeable cacti: Agave, Prickly pear, Mother-in-law’s cushion.
– Improvement of the decoration of the village.
– Fixed orchards not appearing sometimes.

– Reduced the number of vineyards and greenhouses to relieve the memory of some consoles.
– The number of cultivated fields is now 60, the number of plots is 187.
– Orchards and huts are now placeable.
– Changed the location of some chests that were inaccessible.



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