The LS22 Thüringen 2.0 is a German 4x map with many productions.

Map details:
– There are 55 fields, the size is mostly large to very large.
– There is no main courtyard but 3 free spaces where you can build your own courtyards.
– There are up to 12 points of sale.
– There are 10 multi-fruits in farming including Alfalfa, Clover, Onion, Lavender, Poppy, Rothol and many more.
– On the map are standard and over 23 custom productions installed, including a brewery, fish farming, fruit growing and much more.
– There are no permanent animal stables on the map but a cattle dealer.
– There is no permanently installed BGA on the map.
– The map offers various forest areas including a sawmill.
– Various SoundFXs are distributed on the map, mostly on the productions.


Changelog: Thuringia 2.0 V 1.2
-Added new harvesters
-Store has been reorganized
-Metan charms can now be found under Pet Supplies
-Lavender production now also in bales
-Cotton sale at bale sale
-Pastry Fixed pallet spawning
-Confectionery New product Berliner
-New production pizza
-Pallet factory now also accepts bales and from missions
-Can factory new inputs lubricating oil->fine metal->diesel
-Lavender Bales can now also be sold at the Bale Sale
-Increased productivity at Lubricant Production
-New product bakery poppy seed rolls
-New production doner kebab production normal kebab veggi kebab chicken kebab
-New production butcher with leather output If animals are washed out and healthy more meat than young or not fully healthy less meat (Mod to use will follow)
– Adjusted animal menu
-Always production added brings pads, tampons and Q-tips (cotton buds)
-Clothing factory from leather becomes clothing
-Added various decorations
-A permanently built yard is divided into several areas for purchase
-All standard animals on the farm
-Automatic bale store for grass, hay, silage and straw in round bale form
-Fixed trees (cannot be found except for one)
-The problem with the cultivators etc. is not a problem for us, so it cannot be fixed by us
-Pickup now picks up the grass swath
-Some fields adjusted but not really visible
-Added launch vehicles
-PDA is not customized
-Lights adjusted
-Adjusted sounds of all factories
-Trees growth changed are now fully grown in 7 months
-Without Season players now have Fast Growth between 1 and 4 days depending on the type of fruit
-Fields have been reordered
-2 Working trains outside the map (must be approached by train)
-Sales point freight station pallets must be loaded on the wagon and there is more money.
-Added Butcher
-diesel production manufacture diesel biodiesel pig feed the biodiesel is only for sale
-New fruits installed tobacco and hemp (approved by Marco thanks for that)
– White cabbage, red cabbage, carrot, clover, hop, tobacco, hemp, onion and rye have been renewed
– Removed alfalfa from the map because it caused problems
-Oilradish also removed from the map
-Oil factory now also produces hemp oil
-Tailoring produces hemp yarn
– Clothes can then be made from hemp yarn
-Paper factory installed
-Cigarette factory installed
– Flash installed

In addition to very large fields, the map also offers many custom productions that make the heart of every production lover beat faster.
The textures of the buildings look good so far, but some objects show their age, but this rarely happens.
At first glance, the functions run without any problems.
The sound effects on the productions sound good, but sometimes a bit too loud.
The log throws no errors


Agrar Land Modding

4.8/5 - (21 votes)

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