– Map of the real area, size 4x. Designed for an average level of difficulty;
– Standard crops + peas and buckwheat;
– Minimum production facilities: mill, bakery, slaughterhouse (pigs), meat processing workshop, greenhouses, fish farm;
– Standard animals;
– There is no forest as such. Just like in real life, but there is a small island of greenery that you can cut down. There is also a plot for growing forests (old garden), there is also an old vineyard for demolition and planting of young (default);
– Greenhouses are working, but still in development;
– The purchased plots are only those that are indicated, in order to preserve the features of the terrain, do not buy everything;
– Fields, about 30 pieces to 100G;
– There are small vegetable gardens behind the yards, for contracts and purchases, about 30 pieces;
– Several yard plots, with old houses for demolition (sale), buildings of their own (mod);
– Economics in development;
– Multitrain and dirt FS22_mudSystem are registered, it is advisable to use it from the archive, for a more beautiful picture, it is still being finalized;
– Easter eggs.


– Optimized (brought to the correct compression with mip maps) several hundred textures;
– Edit sounds;
– Collision at the fuel and lubricants gate;
– Increased the price of sausages;
– Reduced meat yield;
– Reduction of collisions of highly polygonal buildings;
– Fixed the sale of the vineyard and the old garden;
– Fixed sections of silos;
– Default numbers were returned (there was an error on the server);
– Fixed the sale of logs in the school boiler room;
– Buckwheat and peas are trampled;
– Fixed prices for refined products;
– Fixed animal feeders and chickens;
– Removed unnecessary collisions in the air and in the warehouse at the base;
– Fixed a meadow near greenhouses;
– Removed cheating with lime;
– Fixed a collision in production garages;
– Other corrections.

It is necessary to start a new career!



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zip FS22_Vladimirovka_Cheb 803 MB
zip FS22_mudSystem_Cheb1_0 3 MB

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21 days ago

Please add map standard crops,no cultures + default please

Luke Collett
Luke Collett
2 months ago

Little bit of work to do mate. Love the overal theme of the map and the small field in the center to get you started, and the larger fields around the outside for the bigger contracts once you get started. The main problem i see at the moment which im sure you are already working on is the fields in the middle. most of them don’t have zones so you can’t buy them. and the main buildings you can just climb through the roof. The overall textures need a bit more quality to them and watch the walls making sure they touch properly so you don’t get the gap you can see though. Also one last thing. The back door to the main building is a bit low so you can’t walk though it. Love the map though and a great starting point if you are just getting started. Keep up to good work mate. Would love to see this map working properly in th future and would definatly recomend to others once updated.

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