Welcome to Waldstetten! A wonderfully designed area somewhere in Germany. A fictitious 4x card awaits you, which was designed with great attention to detail and invites you to linger.

The map is perfect for all types of agriculture and forestry in single and multiplayer.
In the two villages you can find many walk-in buildings with functions and decorations, the entire map is Seasons Ready and therefore also provides a beautiful backdrop, e.g. in winter.

For agriculture, over 250 fields are offered for farming, as well as 6 fully equipped courtyards for settling down.

And now the best:
Waldstetten is THE map for the perfect RolePlay, as it simply offers everything from beautifully designed farms and towns, to an idyllic hilly landscape with a ski area, to emergency guards & appropriately activatable missions and construction sites with heaps of earth to excavate.


– Stones are now lying on the fields
– Floating collision in a hall removed (yard1)
– Composter, ball trigger adjusted
– Lime production, trigger revised
– BGA bale acceptance fixed
– New grass texture
– Decoration is now saleable
– Cement plant, yield adjusted
– Straw in cowshed adjusted
– Forest plants removed from fields
– Forest plants can now be painted over
– Shop gate, height adjusted
– Sign at hospital repaired
– Pallets can now be sold normally
– All harvest missions can now be completed
– Bunker silos replaced
– GCHB sales station revised

– Yard decorations improved
– Placeable buildings improved (polygons, collisions, OccluderMesh)
– Bunker silo function added to yards
– Tree on field (87 and 21)
– Removed concrete piece on field 179
– Tunnel collisions added
– Added “e” at point of sale “Mittelberg
– Gondolas hung wrong
– Farmland at gravel pit extended
– Sand processing at gravel pit possible
– Stairs of the village fire department fixed
– Manual call points in the buildings adapted
– Machine hall on farm Reingrub changed
– Trigger Icon Shop and Sawmill moved
– Railing at fire station added
– Added loading station at train station
– Removed muddy textures at the yards
– BGA – bunker silo texture error fixed
– composter fill trigger for diesel moved
– City hall missing toilets added
– Refinery – diesel production added
– Highway more signage and green strips added
– FuchsShop Oberwalden – fixed bug in decoration
– FuchsShops hotspots on PDA added
– Traffic lights polyreduced
– Added parking cars on parking lots



2.8/5 - (20 votes)

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zip FS22_Waldstetten 724 MB

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Antonio Malizani
Antonio Malizani
1 month ago


29 days ago

hello nrxEcki

it is an unbelievably beautiful map. but there are still a number of selling points that do not work. and a grass contract won’t work. you must hand in the contract on a field next to it. the bga that is at the bottom right of the farm is a return point. but this one doesn’t work.

Another tip or what would be nice is that you can remove or remove the deco if necessary. in some barns this takes up quite a lot of space

Charles Michaelson
Charles Michaelson
25 days ago

It seems like when I paint the terrain, the size of the tiles is much larger than normal. For instance, I like to do a path that is dirt > dry grass < dirt using the smallest brush size. When I do it on Waldstetten, it's super wide and doesn't look good because the pattern in the dry grass repeats.

Can anyone confirm this or help me out?

Antonio Malizani
Antonio Malizani
16 days ago

ADD THIS MOD TO CONSOLES!!!!!!!!!!! WITH 100.34 MB TO download!!!!!!!

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