Westbridge Hills V1.2

Westbridge Hills V1.0

Try your luck in the New World! This area in the USA is in need of a skilled farmer who can tend to its sprawling fields.

– 21 fields
– Spaces for placeables
– Includes new placeables
– Trains System


Changelog v1.2.0.0:
– Added new forest version “Before Westbridge Hills”.
– Changed terrain textures.
– Fixed problem selling bales in Farmers Market.
– Fixed problem selling bales in Uncle Peter Restaurant.
– Added grain silo FS13.
– Minor fixes.

Changelog v1.0.0.3:
– Adjusted Silo Oeste point of sale.
– Adjusted Spinnery point of sale.
– Added Dairy point of sale (Need new game).
– Adjusted decoration in BGA.
– Possibility to sell some town buildings.
– Adjusted splines.
– Adjusted some building textures.
– Added Spinnery Factory (Included in new game).
– Added Dairy Factory (Included in new game).
– Adjusted leftover straw (Oats < Wheat < Barley) - Adjusted production in grapes and olive trees. Changelog v1.0.0.1: - Removed old files. - Added workshop in vehicle shop. - Added trigger Icons in farm house [/spoiler] Credits:


3.2/5 - (9 votes)

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zip FS22_WestbridgeHills 183 MB

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1 year ago

Westbridge Hills, a nice upgrade well done, 5 stars for that, one problem I have found — Rest uncle peter selling point needs attention, I can not find it on the map

1 year ago

is it just me, or do stones not work on this map??. I am currently working the field you get with the farm and i am not getting stones from the field. Anyone else noticed that??

Reply to  richyrich
1 year ago

are field stone set to on in the options menu if not set to on and if it still dont work check the level of stones if theres no stone in the field thats your issue.

Reply to  NEgamer11
1 year ago

Sorry i should have said stones are on in settings. When i cultivate/ plough none show up visually, but on other maps they always show up. I’ll check level of stones on field, but i think it might be the author, cause none of the fields have any stones showing in soil compositon on the PDA, so not sure.

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