AutoDrive Course Niedersachsen22 1.0

AutoDrive Course Lower Niedersachsen22 1.0

Hiho, I hereby provide you with my own run-in route from the Niedersachsen22 map.

-all 180 fields are approachable
-all stores

-partly all lime stations
-all gas stations
-Start Hof only approach, since it is certainly being rebuilt by most
-Fields and shop are sometimes only approached from one side (usually in the direction of the roadway), since the fields are very close together and only have space for parking from the street.

Some of the shops are only roughly approached, since the entrances are very narrow and it is difficult to get in with a truck and trailer. I will certainly adjust this as soon as I play the map myself and will bring an update.

It’s not perfect, but it will be. Since I can’t test all routes myself, it may happen that something has to be moved in some places.

For this purpose, the km/h should be limited to 100. because on longer distances you can easily “fly” out of the curve



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