As usual this is not a mod, just a pack! Now with included tutorial inside the zip file (sorry for my bad english pronunciation).

This pack doesn’t change the appeareance of the map, neither adds someting excepting a rabbit hutch that will work with Oxy’s rabbits (the hutch from the pack won’t work).

Multifruit added similar to Rogatki 3.0:
– all plants have stubble destruction (at least most of them);
– pulses give legume straw that can be fermented into compost;
– kept the alfalfa and fieldbeans from the map, just added my extra crops;
– changed the corn foliage with the one from BenjiFS, with the addition of corn stalks;
– pulses are in rows;

– grains – linseed (from Oxy, just with the addition of flax fiber as straw), rye (my version with stubble destruction), spelt, triticale, buckwheat, millet, dryland rice, mustard, poppy;
– pulses – fieldbeans (from Oxy, made in rows and with addition of legume straw), beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils;
– grasses – alfalfa (from Oxy, just increased the density), white and red clover, horse grass, fodder oat, silphium trifoliatum;
– roots – red beets, carrots and onions;
– orchard – white grapes and hops (also added cheaper version of base-game grapes too, also cheaper olives);
– other – lavender, hemp, tobacco.

Tobacco and lavender are harvested with the special cotton baler from the pack; custom bales for cotton, lavender and tobacco;
They can be also harvested with a forage harvester but will have 20% penalty in yield.
Added swathing for wheat, barley, canola, oat, rye, spelt, triticale, rice, linseed and buckwheat.
Added the script from maize plus to make possible use of the in-game bunker silos for fermentation of other things than silage (alfalfa fermented, clover fermented, horse grass fermented, ccm, compost). Will have to remove it if you intend to use maize plus, that should work fine (added the script from GtX to expand the number of fillTypes possible).
animal food is custom (details on Discord).
All straws/windrows/silages have bales.
Also if you own the Goweil DLC, with the add-on from LSFM included (just added the new fillTypes and made the bales necessary, credits to LSFM), now you can make manure, compost, lavender and tobacco bales with the stationary balers from Goweil (also all normal bales too); organic waste baled in this will wrap and ferment into compost…
Rabbits can be transported with the modified trailer included but they are visually glitched (some cluster of cows). It is what it is for now. They are accepted to the slaughterhouse.


v1.1 kind off (still using the original map from Oxy, that is just v. 1.0, but will update when the original updates too)
– fixed some missing effects;
– added fieldbeans to growth calendar;
– added miscanthus planted with a modified potato planter found in my prod pack (is a dependency – please use the latest version) that requires either seeds, either miscanthus rhyzomes buyable from the Bulk Buy Station from the pack; the crop is harvested with a forage harvester and it’s called miscanthus chopped – this can be selled or further processed into pellets in the Pelletizer from the prod pack;
– onion now is planted like potatoes (planter in the prod pack as well), using either onions, either seeds;
– with the shovel that cut sugarbeets, now you can cut red beets, carots and potatoes – these new cuts will be required for feeding (changed animal feed – more details on Discord);
– animal feed adjusted to the new crops/cuts; chickens and sheep/goats have more feed categories;
– added more bales to the Goweil DLC – carrot cut, potato cut, red beet cut, miscanthus chopped
– other changes and fixes.



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