Thanks to this mod, no construction site will be impossible on farming simulator.
Whether you are on console or PC, whether it is for wood, landscaping or for the world of public works.
This extension of the farming simulator game will give you the possibility to realize any kind of construction site, roads, garden development, wood site, …
Everything you have dreamed about in farming simulator is in this mod pack.
Thanks to the collaboration of the community with our group we have been able to gather everything that this game represents for the world of public works, landscaping, wood and agriculture.
In this pack, you will find all the materials you need to build your sites, from cement bags to PVC pipes, including accessories and borders.
Wood has not been forgotten, as we have made changes to the basic chipper to give it the ability to give you wood chips, which opens up gameplay possibilities for them.
Agriculture has also had its share of additions as it is now possible to create your own compost with topsoil, manure, … in order to fertilize your fields in an ecological and fun way.
Several plants are available to be integrated on maps that don’t have native facilities to give you an unlimited field of action and give you the full potential of the mod.
Thanks to the economy implemented by the gameplay extension, you will be able to create a no cheat campaign and give yourself challenges in order to grow your business and be able to make bigger and bigger building sites.
This mod takes up most of the expectations of the players of the farming simualtor community in the world of public works of wood and landscaping, because it was made with and thanks to the community, because without it, many of these ideas that seemed impossible to achieve at the beginning would never have seen the light of day.
I would like to thank all the people who have supported us during this project and who have contributed a huge number of ideas.

This pack contains:
-heap signs to help you find your way around your sorting centre and quarries.
-Price: 100€.

-a wood chipper to create wood chips.
-Price: 660000€.
-speed: 80 Km/h
-power: 1322 hp

-A plant to be placed for asphalt
-price: 600000€.

-A plant to be placed for coal
-price: 300000€

-A plant for concrete
-Price: 400000€.

-A plant to be placed for recycled material
-price: 50000€.

-9 types of rock for use in your quarries
-various pipe elements
-12 kerbstones for your construction sites
and much more.


Artrem, Dada Modding, Alexis 22, NrΛ, Community

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3 days ago

where can i find the concret pipes

10 months ago

really cool but I’ve been trying to find a Doosan digger but i cant find the buckets can you pls tell where to find them . and i will be really happy if u could get back to me.

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