Mini Agriculture Equipment Pack

A small equipment pack, as the name suggests, consists of smaller vehicles. The pack is aimed at lovers of small devices.
These are conversions that mainly come from the main game.

Contents of the pack:
– JohnDeere Gator with the fine details from the LS19 from me. (New+ camouflage design and huge selection of wheels)
– Landini small tractor Rex4 with front loader attachment and various adjustments such as color choice and small things
– NewHolland TK4.80 caterpillar (color choice, front loader attachment)
– Front loader tool + matching front loader shovel
– LSFM Universal Tank Trailer UTT-4000 (small tank trailer)
– ABI WaterTrailer550
– Strautmann SEK 420 (special conversion of a Strautmann tipping trailer, this has various configuration options
– SCHAEFFER Miniloader (color choice and various changes for compatibility with the mini shovel from this pack)


– small Salek trailer was provided with more straps
– Added color choices for rims and trailers

– Fixed Lua errors and warnings that occur with Giants Patch
– Passenger installed in the Gator

– Attacher fix on the Schäffer front loader, pallet fork was coupled incorrectly

– Fixed various problems caused by game patch 1.4.1
– Desc version increased, now requires the latest LS version from patch 1.4.0
– Improved XB100 front loader mount, tools can now be folded in more and the mount only goes to the ground
– Improved Schäffer Mini front loader, shovel could not be lowered to the ground in the horizontal state
– Added John Deere Gator, BKT Sierra Max Wheel Config (standard tires)
– Linked Salek small devices to the Mini Agriculture Equipment Pack
– Removed triangle on Salek trailer

– Adjusted center of gravity on the Gator, Turbo variant of the Gator oversteered too much
– Landini Series REX4, center of gravity changed and wheel weights installed as config, provides more stability with front loader
– Trailer for grapes added to the pack and extended by 2 fill types that are used on the Hof Bergmann Map.
– Fixed particle from small front loader shovel, was no longer displayed after a patch.
– Fendt Vario 200 added to the pack (so far no changes compared to the original)
– Added Hardi Mini syringe to the pack (so far no changes compared to the original)

– Hauer XB100 front loader attachment now compatible with the standard front loader tools
– Added smaller pallet fork to match XB100 mount.
– New Holland TK4.80 caterpillar, name adjusted. Originally required methane, but this one runs on diesel.



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