Vineyard Pack Italia Version

Vineyard Pack Italia Version

The Vineyard Pack is our biggest project for FS22, it will be completely free and available for all platforms, with this pack we are going to integrate a new experience in the vineyard.

Some of the vineyard features are already available in the Map Italia, then upon the release of the pack they will be available and optimized for a greater game immersion in what is the plant that most concerns us in Italy.

Everything we have accomplished in this package has taken more than a year of work by a team of artists, we kindly ask you to consider a small contribution so that we can continue with this hobby and to bring some new contents for all!


SMI Modding Team

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Farmer Luke
Farmer Luke
4 days ago

Installed this mod for the Italia Emilia Ext map and after being unable to harvest sugarcane on any map, managed to single this mod out as the culprit. No idea why it causes this behaviour, but sugarcane is impossible for me, with this mod installed.

Farmer PDog
Farmer PDog
5 months ago

This is an amazing map!!! The detail and layout of the terrain and landscape are phenomenal! The buildings and structures are carved into our 3D virtual world with perfection, the detail I haven’t seen …..THANKS!!!

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